My mother thinks she and my family are being very patient and understanding towards me being so vocal and calling out them for believing Godi media every day during dinner and criticising my dad for sometimes blindly believing this government.

@TheAkhil How do you handle it?! sometimes I just keep quiet after a point where I know they aren't ready to understand. But sometimes I just can't watch them getting fooled by this government and then I think why can't they see what I see.

I question everything to the origin it's where it stops . When it clearly a fact,they tend to divert the topic on division ( Religion, Sympathy..)

Cause these people tend to fall in filter bubbles created by algorithms on TV Media, Facebook,Twitter and also WhatsApp contributes for spreading propagandas and fake news. So ,these people keep gets the same info(fake,propaganda.. ) on their timelines. Most people don't choose to be rational so it works.

@TheAkhil Well I also do that, questioning everything to the origin.
But instead of diverting the topic, they just say तुला काय समजत नाही ह्यातला गप्प रहा🤷

Yea,that's the common thing every parents do cause they're afraid but I've never stopped there. This is the truth and you can't ignore.

@Snehal_rasal more power to you. The hardest thing isn’t fighting against the whole world but standing up to our circle.

@Snehal_rasal My mother said that once, but I did not stop, one day my sister said things like muslims have no right to stay in India etc etc. I was frustrated and said people are being killed and she has blood on her hand, everyone got silent and after that no one argued with me but I still keep calling out fascism in front of them.

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