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I was in the room and I missed this quick response by @PaulaReidCBS@twitter.com


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: the sounds of anger and sirens fill the streets of tonight.

The people vs the regime

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congratulations, we are now at like the 5th show called Utopia in the last 10 years twitter.com/stevemolk/status/1

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Eight letter word for "Putting kids into an environment where those who can best fight off the virus survive and those who can't die."

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Arabic love poems are on another level remembered a line written by farouq jwaydeh “and if the devil was to ever see you, he’d kiss your eyes and repent” like come on

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wait ur telling me people without adhd don’t have to read stuff three times to understand -

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When we say we want adult animation. Please understand that we don’t mean sex, f-bombs & crudeness. We want slice of life, characters that deal with loss, not being afraid to give characters real raw emotions, pain and not having to worry about “scaring the children”

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BEING A FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHER IS EXHAUSTING. today some random man on the internet tried to explain to me what a watermark was.

so, it’s that time again. lady photogs, it’s time for a hype thread. drop your best pics, let’s hype you up! men of twitter, tag your fav women togs 🥰

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Hello ! Vous travaillez dans l'industrie du jeu vidéo (développement, marketing, com', distribution) hors de France Métropolitaine ? On a possiblement une ou deux questions pour vous. Nos DM sont ouverts.

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La Mulâtresse Solitude who in 1802 helped lead a slave revolt in Guadeloupe whilst 8 months pregnant, her last words before she was hanged: ‘Live free, or die’ twitter.com/James_Barr/status/

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Let's take a moment to appreciate the work of Namza Couture atelier from Leh who base their designs on the traditional Ladakhi dress [which in itself is goddamn stunning]... those fabrics 😍🥰

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Celebrating Adrian Steirn and the people trying to save the African pangolin:

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I'm going to be having a birthday sale. From August 15-17th, Infected: Prey, The Josh of the Damned Complete Collection, and Shotgun Bastards will be 99 cents. Feel free to retweet. I would like to spread my weirdness far and wide.

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when you say that non-white/queer/disabled people aren't realistic in a game or setting that contains magic and monsters, you aren't concerned with realism, you're concerned with upholding biases and bigotry

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whoever decided to get rid of CD players in laptops is just never seeing heaven

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Remaking 90’s catroons kind of misses the point. The 90’s were awesome because all those shows were new. If studios REALLY wanna capitalize on 90’s nostalgia, then they’ll realize that people are hungry for new things. We need another creative boom like that.

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