my gf wants to join mastodon but wants to join a cool fedi instance.

something that suits a queer goth.
boosts ok.

@Soft_Missy radical town is very queer! might also be her style

@melissasage @Soft_Missy Id recommend against cryptids. Their admin is fine with their users actively posting discriminatory content against furries, otherkin, and people that engage in BDSM.

@bram We have plenty of English speaking people around you know ^_^.


@Soft_Missy I can always recommend for chill social times if she has any kind of fandom bent. We’re all queer and friendly

@Soft_Missy or are cool

there’s but it’s pleroma not mastodon (there’s a mastodon interface, tho)

@Soft_Missy you can search one here:…

Reset to get some better results, go to to start fresh.

@Soft_Missy I recommend my old instance,, full of queer goths.

:ms_writing_hand_clw_g1:​ Xander (They/Them)

@Soft_Missy is run by a queer goth. Can recommend!

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