my gf wants to join mastodon but wants to join a cool fedi instance.

something that suits a queer goth.
boosts ok.

@Soft_Missy radical town is very queer! might also be her style

@melissasage @Soft_Missy Id recommend against cryptids. Their admin is fine with their users actively posting discriminatory content against furries, otherkin, and people that engage in BDSM.

@Soft_Missy any other clue about hobbies, passion interest.
Thinks like literrature, gardening, knitting, handwritting, boardgames, video gMes etc.

I dont think the cool instance judge who you are. I personally think I find myself in good company when the instance match my interest.

(Not saying that being on is bad, but maybe just not as rewarding as being on if you are into games in general or if you are into solarpunk etc.)

@bram We have plenty of English speaking people around you know ^_^.


@Soft_Missy I can always recommend for chill social times if she has any kind of fandom bent. We’re all queer and friendly

@Soft_Missy or are cool

there’s but it’s pleroma not mastodon (there’s a mastodon interface, tho)

@Soft_Missy you can search one here:…

Reset to get some better results, go to to start fresh.

@Soft_Missy I recommend my old instance,, full of queer goths.

:ms_writing_hand_clw_g1:​ Xander (They/Them)

@Soft_Missy is run by a queer goth. Can recommend!

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