@nicod_ @funkwhale @seasidestars looks interesting. Not something I need or want at the moment, but will keep an eye on it.

@Solobasssteve @nicod_ @funkwhale Looks really cool.. We've only been with #bandcamp for about half a year & right now are quite happy with it, but it's always good to have some kind of backup plan if things go dire. Just cause, at some point, they probably will :)

@seasidestars @nicod_ @funkwhale I didn't see anything that suggested Funkwhale would work as a sales platform, just a filesharing/streaming front end for whatever you upload?

@Solobasssteve @seasidestars @nicod_ We probably won't include a sales module, however, we do intend to integrate ways for communities to financially support creators


You're right.
As musicians or bands in self-production, we can see Funkwhale as an alternative to SoundCloud or Jamendo, but not to BandCamp or other online sales platform (for digital or physical media)

@seasidestars @nicod_ @funkwhale

@nicod_ @Solobasssteve @seasidestars There's also this new #ethereum based streaming service called #choon. Here's an article from a few months ago digitalmusicnews.com/2017/12/0
Haven't really looked into it, but they're in beta now

@andielias @nicod_ @seasidestars I've not come across any blockchain based project yet that has manifest as anything other than hipster DRM. I love the potential for incredibly nuanced metadata (credits, samples, even effects patches being listed as part of the file) but I've not seen an implementation of that yet, and also have yet to see much in the way of willingness from most artists to eve to put decent sleeve notes on Bandcamp, which is insane! :)

@Solobasssteve Great write-up steve. Really something that deserves a lot more awareness, especially among up & coming artists. Thanks for sharing!

@Solobasssteve Absolutely. Really ties in with our decision to leave fb with the @seasidestars, too. Funny enough, the post we wrote announcing that we were moving to mastodon reached WAY more people than anything we'd ever released over there :)

@andielias @seasidestars ahh, people love dramatic decision making. I remember when I deleted MySpace andy blog post about it blew up! Ditto when I left Spotify in 2009 - that's still one of the most read articles on my blog :)

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