The longer you spend online, the greater the pile of things you miss that got fucked up by take-overs becomes..., RSS and Posterous being the top three. Also I got a handful of actual blog comments this week, rather than FB discussions about the post. That reminded me of those heady days when blog comments were where the action was. I miss that too... :(

@Solobasssteve Every once in a while I miss the old #MySpace days. Remember people getting all crazy pimping out their profiles with CSS hacks and flashy background graphics? That profile player was a great feature, too. Discovered many cool bands back then.
#RSS I'm finding very much alive though. You can bring back the subscribe button on Waterfox with a few clicks, so you don't even have to get into the page source to find the feeds :)

@andielias ....ah, I like the possibility of using Mastodon as a simple status updater for a website... a separate feed that's just 'here's what's happening'. A bit like Twitter was in the very early days (I actually followed a load of people on twitter via RSS before I ever signed up! I was on Jaiku at the time, and thought that was the superior service!! HAHA!)

@Solobasssteve We set up a proof of concept on our site using #mastofeed just a few days ago, quick and dirty
Not pretty but it's working as advertised :)

@andielias that works great! When I do my LOOONG overdue site revamp of, I'll see about incorporating it :)

@Solobasssteve Ok cool :) Let me know if you need some help with the CSS 😄
At least.. as long as you're not planning on optimising for #IE5

@Solobasssteve The developer of #mastofeed is here btw. @fenwick67 Thanks for your effort fenwick, that's a very handy tool :)

@andielias I've still got a subscribe button on my website, but Google killing off Reader was a massive blow in terms of the ubiquity of the format.
Myspace I don't really miss at all. There was a huge amount of musicians shouting at other musicians to come to their gigs. I made a few amazing friendships there (and met my wife via it!) but on the whole, I'm not looking back in that direction ;)

@Solobasssteve There was this brief window of time, before the relaunch and before everybody started flocking over to facebook, when MySpace was an actual people's hangout over here in Germany.
And i loved it for the fact that you could skin your profile completely to your liking. Never understood why they did away with that..
Then after just a couple of months, there were only bands left. We actually just deleted our account last winter, I'd long forgotten about it :)

@andielias oh man, the custom skinning was so horrible! All that CSS that just screwed up the placement of everything, rendered wrongly on every browser, and no matter what you did, it was still covered in adverts for emojis?!? How did anyone ever manage to *sell* emojis?? What fresh hell was that? :) I saw a handful of REALLY brilliant custom myspace pages, but most were a clusterfuck of animations and glitter :)

@andielias interestingly, I think Bandcamp has got the customisation thing basically perfect - header image with image map, and colours for the rest. Easy enough to format it to look like your website, familiar enough that no-one loses the player in Internet Explorer because the CSS rendered incorrectly ;)

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