Anyone got any links to a specifically music take on the negative impact of that horrible EU copyright directive? I very much appreciated @doctorow's writing for the EFF, but would be handy to get a music take...

@andielias @Doctor_J_ thanks! I really hate this framing as "creatives" vs tech platforms. I want Facebook to cease to exist AND I hate the BPI with the fire of a thousand suns. This actually hands the massive tech cos such a huge advantage over new companies. How will anyone compete? What's to stop existing platforms just overloading the servers of new platforms with spurious uploads and requests? It's horrible horrible legislation.

@Solobasssteve @Doctor_J_ I think you're absolutely on point. Calling this "a great day for Europe’s creators" - if being serious - really just shows how far detached from reality these people are.
Then again, consolidation of power and "strengthening the strong" has always been a primary objective of EU policy.

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