"content ID will fix the problem of copyright online" except it's an absolute clusterfuck of false claims, bad tech, and censorship-lite... Yeah, that new EU directive is going be just great for music online...

With Bryan Corbett at Tower Of Song in Birmingham. This was a fun gig, last November. I'm back at the same venue in a couple of weeks time, and would love to see some MastoPeople there if any of y'all live nearby :)

and look! We're really smiley! It'll be a fun gig, I promise :D

from Twitter user twitter.com/iris__ks - "when i feel bad about my social skills i remind myself how one time rachmaninoff decided he was gonna be pals with stravinsky (who'd casually mentioned he liked honey) so he showed up at his house in the middle of the night with an enormous jar of honey and no explanation" :D

"Improvisation is the musician drawing from everything he's learned so far...It's an unconscious release of all the things you've ever learnt" - deep wisdom from in the June 2000 issue of Guitarist Mag. His music teaches me every time I listen.

Did an online talk today for an education site. I had a think before hand about all the skills I've needed to be self-managing, self-releasing and self-gig-promoting in music... turns out there's quite a few!

So what's new over here? Had a mad busy weekend of musicking and being ill. Not the best combination, I'll admit... But still, gig went well, bass sounded lush, and we're on into a new week... Still ill...

This gig is tonight. It coincides with me being the illest I've been this whole summer. I've been under the weather for weeks, but it's culminated in proper chills/aches/fever etc. today. So I'm on the lemsip and vit C...

Spent the day hanging out with , shooting a music video. Fun times 😊

New toys! Replaced my soundcard with album sale money. This Keith McMillen K-Mix is properly amazing!

my new album is one week old today! Have a birthday party later :)

If you'd like to hear it, lovely Mastodontists, it's over at music.stevelawson.net/album/be - check it out :)


Properly brilliant gig on Friday night. And Field Music were one of the best support acts I've ever seen. A splendid night's .


Just released this to my subscribers. And tomorrow my latest solo album-proper comes out publicly. I love experimenting with the affordances of digital distribution for different sustainable models for music making. I release about 8-10 albums a year, presented as albums cos I still value the narrative arc, but instead of putting them all out individually, I have subscribers who get them all. Makes life way easier


Missing Greenbelt. Was such a great weekend, even with missing 95% of the stuff I wanted to get to and only seeing half the friends I'd wanted to catch up with...


Portrait Of Tracy transcription from about 15 years ago, for Total Guitar Magazine. That was tough!


Cycling this morning. Still feeling knackered after festivalling at the weekend so trying to get some energy for song-learning, PhD writing and this ridiculous request to write an HND course completely unpaid.


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