So what's new over here? Had a mad busy weekend of musicking and being ill. Not the best combination, I'll admit... But still, gig went well, bass sounded lush, and we're on into a new week... Still ill...

This gig is tonight. It coincides with me being the illest I've been this whole summer. I've been under the weather for weeks, but it's culminated in proper chills/aches/fever etc. today. So I'm on the lemsip and vit C...

Spent the day hanging out with , shooting a music video. Fun times 😊

New toys! Replaced my soundcard with album sale money. This Keith McMillen K-Mix is properly amazing!

my new album is one week old today! Have a birthday party later :)

If you'd like to hear it, lovely Mastodontists, it's over at - check it out :)


Properly brilliant gig on Friday night. And Field Music were one of the best support acts I've ever seen. A splendid night's .

Just released this to my subscribers. And tomorrow my latest solo album-proper comes out publicly. I love experimenting with the affordances of digital distribution for different sustainable models for music making. I release about 8-10 albums a year, presented as albums cos I still value the narrative arc, but instead of putting them all out individually, I have subscribers who get them all. Makes life way easier

Missing Greenbelt. Was such a great weekend, even with missing 95% of the stuff I wanted to get to and only seeing half the friends I'd wanted to catch up with...

Portrait Of Tracy transcription from about 15 years ago, for Total Guitar Magazine. That was tough!

Cycling this morning. Still feeling knackered after festivalling at the weekend so trying to get some energy for song-learning, PhD writing and this ridiculous request to write an HND course completely unpaid.

Here's my one moment of actually playing at the festival this weekend - sitting in with . Wil-Dog called me up for the last tune - they also got a load of kids up to play percussion - quickly taught me the changes then handed me his bass. Turns out Wil-Dog plays WAY harder than I do, so the volume dropped a bit when I took over, and while I'm pretty sure I'm not going to start getting a ton of calls for Latin sessions, I did OK πŸ™‚

Was pretty extraordinary to get to see at Greenbelt. Having only seen footage of their guerilla actions before, I thought it was going to be the inspiring chaos kind of punk, but their show was an extraordinarily coherent piece of performance art. The combination of Russian shouting/chanting with the Riot Days narrative onscreen in English worked so well & the music being mostly a mix of electronica & free improv sax was mesmerising.

Off to Greenbelt Festival today. They've instigated a ban on selling single use plastic bottles on site this year (yay!) so here's our family's collection of reusable bottles and cups that we're taking. V much looking forward to the fest. Missed it last year, and this year the artists in residence are Pussy Riot πŸ™‚

An old pic from a show in San Jose in 2005 with Michael Manring. The venue - The Espresso Garden - isn't there anymore, but was such a great place to play.

[an experiment - below is the wording from this same pic on IG, minus hashtags... It just feels wrong here! That's a good thing, I think, that ad-copy feels weird...]

What kind of fool writes a beginner bass column and gets people playing above the fifth fret? Surely that'll turn them all into FRUSTRATED GUITARISTS??

No. No it won't. See next month's Bass Guitar Magazine for some adventures in vertigo designed for the novice player πŸ™‚πŸŽΈπŸ‘

Heading to Greenbelt this weekend. Last time I was there I was talking about Bowie, Prince and the toxicity of fame. This time, I'll just be enjoying what's on, and listening to my son tell massive lies about everything... ( )

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