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Was interviewed this evening by a journalist about my new album, and about improvising & my PhD. It's such a remarkable privilege to have an interviewer ask great questions. If you're not careful, it can dupe you into thinking that the drivel that spews forth from you in such situations is anything other than worthless rambling nonsense 🙂

loving this EP by Fit To Work - - their own definition of it is Quasi-autonomous non-governmental punk music.

Sample lyric:
Cops are fucking racist rapist motherfuckers
Cops are fucking murdering pigfucking scum
But All Cats Are Beautiful
All Cats Are Beautiful
All Cats Are Beautiful
All Cats Are Beautiful 🙂🙂🙂🙂

I could really do with some time management and some not being ill right about now. Anyone know where I can find those?

re-enrolling for the new year for my PhD. They still haven't fixed the form since last year so there's no box to tick for how my fees are paid...

Have also emailed to postpone my annual progression meeting so I get more time to actually write stuff up. Let's see if they go for that. :)

So a cable has come loose in the back of my music rack and my looper is now running in mono. I just don't have the energy to pull it all out and work out what's wrong...

I'm enjoying S3 of Ultimate Beastmaster way more than is reasonable.

OK! first actual new music find on for me - @seasidestars are a post-Beach Boys jangly pop band in that Big Star/Replacements/Teenage Fanclub direction - good noises:

Man y'all ever think about how incredibly stupid it is that the internet is almost entirely financed by advertising. Like, imagine if busses were only paid for using the revenue from bus ads. And if not enough people looked at the ads for Target or a legal firm specializing in slip-and-falls, then their bus route stopped existing. How stupid would that be. That's basically what we're doing right now, but with online.

This story about Geoffrey Owens having a *shock! Horror!* pretty decent day job is the worst kind of bullshit. So many of your favourite musicians and actors have day jobs. Some people give up the bullshit of trying to make art under capitalism and go get a normal job. And many of the people who do make art full time end up hating the compromises needed to pay the bills. Zero shame.

Hey Mastodontists, I've got a new album out today. It's over at where you can stream it in full. If you want to download it, use the code 'BAD50' to get it half price :)

the music is all instrumental, rather cinematic, touching on jazz, ambient, electronica and hip hop. Here's the latest video from it, released today:

There's still no consensus around how to structure a release schedule like this, or even what to call things. I'll be happiest when I get to <> 6-700 subscribers & can forget about the distinction between subscriber & public releases & make it all subscriber only. The idea that one needs 50k monthly listeners on to make a life viable is some epically toxic fuckery.

BTW, if you want to investigate how all this works - deets are here 🙂

Just released this to my subscribers. And tomorrow my latest solo album-proper comes out publicly. I love experimenting with the affordances of digital distribution for different sustainable models for music making. I release about 8-10 albums a year, presented as albums cos I still value the narrative arc, but instead of putting them all out individually, I have subscribers who get them all. Makes life way easier

Missing Greenbelt. Was such a great weekend, even with missing 95% of the stuff I wanted to get to and only seeing half the friends I'd wanted to catch up with...

Portrait Of Tracy transcription from about 15 years ago, for Total Guitar Magazine. That was tough!

...and of course, in the 80s my music collection was massively expanded with blank cassettes of stuff friends had, of stuff off the radio, and almost all my vinyl buying was 2nd hand. Now I buy pretty much everything on Bandcamp, and I'd have to be high as fuck to swap my Bandcamp collection for all that 2nd hand 70s prog vinyl...

Oh man, when someone whose opinion I normally respect shares one of those bullshit 'this is what music was like when we paid for it, this is what music's like now it's free' meme things, and the 'before' pics are all old white dudes while the after is mostly young black artists... fuck me, that's some tonedeaf bullshit... How about reversing it, putting Debbie Gibson and Marky Mark in the 'before' and Janelle Monae & Kate Tempest in the 'after' box? Fuck this foolishness...

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