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Oh wow, I forgot to make an toot!

- 27
- Artist
- He/him
- Central New York state

Likes: Halloween stuff, cooking, winter, horror, egalitarianism, devil girl art, oddball humor, sex positivity, bi things

Dislikes: Ranch dressing, authoritarianism, fascism, regression, constant insincerity

Looking for Art Work: Yes


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People who say "toon" when referring to a character are cops.

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I really love videogames but I really don't like some of the people that also love videogames.

One of the skills that took me the longest to learn was how to shut up and not stick my nose in a community space that obviously isn't for me. I'm still not 100% on it, but I highly recommend it. Actually saves you (and marginalized folks) a lot of stress in the end.


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Any mutuals play Overwatch?

I was excited for the Overwatch League until I found out there are no women on any of the teams. :\ No real excuse. Get back to me when you fix that, OWL.

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