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Oh wow, I forgot to make an toot!

- 27
- Artist
- He/him
- Central New York state

Likes: Halloween stuff, cooking, winter, horror, egalitarianism, devil girl art, oddball humor, sex positivity, bi things

Dislikes: Ranch dressing, authoritarianism, fascism, regression, constant insincerity

Looking for Art Work: Yes


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*extremely katy perry voice*

i just wanna leeeeeeeeeave from work
i don't wanna beeeeeee at work
i wanna just go home, home, home
and bullshit on my phone, phone, phoooone

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Why train wheels have conical geometry

I'll definitely be sharing the module when I'm done, by the way. Here's a sneak peek. At 17 pages so far.

I swear I'm still alive. Working on writing a new 5E adventure and trying to chill out for a bit. Sorry if you've missed me!

Looking back and realizing I haven't been touched in three years. Yikes.

I'm bad at social media because every now and then I feel the urge to just socially hibernate for like three weeks and go radio silent.

He gives me wings, though he'd never see it. When I'm around him I always feel the urge to look up, like he's high above, ever out of reach. His touch is cautious, but I can feel the wind in it. I smile again, thinking of this night and the many to come. I'll dream of flying.

She looks at me the way a cat looks at a bird-- nothing but a toy dangling from the end of a razor claw. There's the majesty of a born predator in her eyes, her skin, the curve of her lips. She smiles again, deigns to share her night. I thank whatever's above for noblesse oblige.

Things that make you a cop on the Webternet
- Liking your own posts
- Any sincere reference to 420 (sorry, you're a cop)
- Not liking vaporwave
- Not understanding 90s kids memes
- Posting extremely inside lists to try and make people think you're not a cop by deflecting suspicion onto others
- Ranch dressing

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People who say "toon" when referring to a character are cops.

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