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So a while ago @uranther@cybre.space talked about air-dropped meshnet nodes. The idea is that in areas devastated by a natural disaster or is under region-wide censorship, these can be dropped (or just thrown over), link up to each other, and provide a bridge to the outside world

This is technically possible now by using some "travel router" models

For example: The GL-MT300N comes with OpenWrt, is cheap, is very light, and can run on solar+battery

It could work as a nice base for such a mesh node

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"In essence, Facebook was presenting apps as quasi-endorsed extensions of its core service to users who couldn’t have been expected to know better. That might explain why so many people feel violated by Facebook this week—they might never have realized that they were even using foreign, non-Facebook applications in the first place, let alone ones that were siphoning off and selling their data. The website always just looked like Facebook."

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How to build a brain - An introduction to neurophysiology for engineers

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