@Some_Emo_Chick What is the source? Because 4.3t for Switzerland is not at all accurate. It's something between 10 an 15t.

@Some_Emo_Chick And it's going up, not down.

Of course, it depends if it's the national co2 direct production, or if it's the co2 emissions produced by the consumption, which takes importation into account. For Switzerland, it make a HUGE difference.


@Some_Emo_Chick Ok, thanks. I must admit that I'm very surprised by these numbers.

As not mentioned on the graph, but on the blog post, the sources are Global carbon project, and World Bank.


@meena @Some_Emo_Chick Small rich country. It's rich enough to have modern western living standard, but fewer people dividing the carbon footprint of modern western lifestyle.


how are Luxembourg and United States so close ?

US are huge and Luxembourg is minuscule

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