Turkish garbage collectors open a library for all of the books citizens discard in their trash.

@moonbolt It depends on how they are thrown out. I doubt they try to save every book. Just the ones that are salvageable.

@Some_Emo_Chick these people read Fahrenheit 451 and went "I think I can make this work" and honestly I think they did it

@Some_Emo_Chick But... but... but...
You mean some people throw books out?
Occasionally, books I no longer want or need are passed on to friends or given to charity shops, where someone else can find and love them, but throw them out?

@mancavgeek @Some_Emo_Chick
Some books are really bullshit in letters. Throwing bullshit printed on poor died trees away, is better than show it again to the world.
This general "Aaah you may not through books away"-reaction is fanatism and generalism.

Beside that this idea can make sense in a state without real freedom (and paper-recycling-sysstem).

There is a local old town association that collects books e.g. from household dissolutions and sells them in their yard on occasion.
The first time I had been there till the end of the sale I was shocked to see them throwing unmerchantable books in masses onto a rubbish dumper.
@mancavgeek @Some_Emo_Chick

@Some_Emo_Chick This is at the same time amazing :-D and consterning :-O

Without this initiative, this means all these books we see would have been to trash.

Well, I know publisher destroy themselves their own leftovers, this makes me cry :~(

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