I just wanna make it through the week without spoilers

Lewd, sex 

At every point of my life I'm somewhere along an Office re-watch

Long time No see, been learning all about math and science stuff so I can be the best Scientologist ever.

As a refugee from the Great Tumblr Extinction Event, I hope to find a nice home here on Mastodon. My blog is for people who are attracted to men who dip or chew tobacco. Gay dippers are in a "no man's land" because some heterosexual dippers are homophobic, and many gay people are strongly turned off by dip and chew. So we gay dippers are a minority within a minority. I hope my blog provides both entertainment and a sense of solidarity.

For my birthday last year my boy made these and put them all over my apartment while I slept.

Alright that was enough internet for today, imma listen to “why must I cry” for three hours and then go to bed

I’m genuinely loving mastodon, it’s like a collective fever dream

I found a place for all my ideas, there’s enough space for yours too!

I’m saying goodbye to tumblr, it’s pornbots and nazis.
You will not be missed.


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