Begin good at being wrong is probably one of the best professional skills you can have.

It’s really hard to call into meetings when you’re crying.


Amanda Gorman.

The entire poem.


Gotten a few questions about how to sign up. I don’t know about other locations but for SF, you can sign up here!


*cracks open Infinite Jest* Welp it’s gonna be a while.


*cracks open Infinite Jest* Welp it’s gonna be a while.

I will forever celebrate Dolly’s bday this way.


"Boolean" but pronounced like "Jolene" and you sing the song every time you assign one.


🧵 Multi-modality &

There is almost never a 1-size-fits-all solution. Even an individual may choose to overcome a disability in different ways on different days. By communicating in different modes, we increase the odds that everyone can access our content. [1/4]

Love 3 day weekends. Hate 18 Meeting “makeup Mondays.”

Anyone else get some weird validation when Instagram gets your targeted ads totally wrong? Like I see an ad for low carb cereal in my feed and I’m like HAHA JOKES ON YOU *takes huge bite of Cinnamon Toast Crunch* 🤪

Recently I was asked what my dream job was. Truthfully, I never had a “dream job.” I never even “figured out what I want to do.” I just kept trying things; the ones I liked I kept on doing. If I liked 2 things similarly, I picked what paid more. That’s the whole boring story(1/3)

TFW you’re neck deep in your coworkers old code and it’s time to ask for help.

Not being able to travel has certainly helped me appreciate the beauty right here even more. 💕 🌲 Got out for a nice walk today in Foothills Park.

Fell asleep 😴 on my couch while playing Zelda around 7pm and just woke yeah no I don’t need a 3 day weekend at all. 😳

By 30, about 7% of adults have some hearing loss [CDC]. (I certainly do.) This article covers some of the awesome Hearing features on iOS devices such as Hearing Accommodations and Live Listen and even how transparency mode can improve .

Trying to come up with better Monday questions to my team than “So did you do anything fun this weekend?” because that’s just mean these days.

What are you COVID-time openers? Wrong answers only.

This is some cool ! 2021 Samsung TVs are going to give users the ability to zoom in on a sign language window to see it better! Love to see companies prioritizing !

Tell me you’re a manager without telling me you’re a manager. I’ll go first:

I can name every laser tag, bowling, mini golf, and escape room within 10 miles of my office. 🙈

My friends. It’s a big day. HUGE. I’m actually USING* one of those whiteboard algorithms you learn in school!

*Using: <Framework/HeaderThatSomeoneWroteIn2014ForCodeThatDoesThisAlreadyThankYouVeryMuch.h>

Some great advice I recently got:

“Don’t meet your heroes” is BS. We say it, perhaps, bc when we meet our heroes, we’ll realize they’re flawed and messy too. They’re human. But that’s the best part! They’re JUST LIKE US. So what they’ve managed to do, we can maybe manage too.✨

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