Ok taking guesses as to how many emails I had upon returning from a week away from work?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😭

Sexy Apple Newton ... might

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your halloween costume is "sexy" + the last thing you google searched

this year i'll be going as "sexy bus schedule"

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Just learned a whole lot about the real life process for PSPDFKit to ship with Catalyst! Awesome talk by the one and only @steipete@twitter.com!

Can’t stop won’t stop. Sayonara is such a work of art 🎶 💕

Couldn’t be more stoked about @twostraws@twitter.com’s talk all about Collection Views!

Super excited to be at @mobiconf@twitter.com !! Speaking at 9am all about changing careers. Stop by!

Voice Control is a super powerful feature for editing text. Take a look at how it works! youtube.com/watch?v=k-ykg3jZ9_

Did you know in iOS 13 you can provide context for Accessibility so VoiceOver, etc. can have a better shot at reading things correctly? Check out accessibilityTextualContext! Great summary thanks to @NSHipster@twitter.com here! nshipster.com/ios-13/#annotate

Just a few weeks until I’m giving a brand new talk at @mobiconf@twitter.com and I’m so excited!

I’ll be speaking about moving between 2 careers (tech and non-tech); lessons learned, challenges faced, things I wish I’d known, and more.

Do you have any questions you hope I hit upon?

Yes! 😀 So amazing to see @jonnysun@twitter.com and @Lin_Manuel@twitter.com talking about and using alt text for images! Thank you both for making your timelines inclusive and encouraging others too!

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@niharikajain_az@twitter.com @Lin_Manuel@twitter.com i try to alt text all my photos!!!!

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Me: “I need a relaxing weekend…I’m exhausted”

Also me: *teaches classes from 9am-2pm the drives to LA & rides roller coasters til 1am. Wakes up at 9am, rides more roller coasters til 2pm next day, drives back to the Bay Area & writes reviews for direct reports*

Send help.

Anyone interested in buying my iPhone XS, 64 gb, Gold? $650. I’m in the Bay Area but will be in Europe in a few weeks so could bring it out.

Ah yes, that moment when you realize you’ve been signing your work emails as “engineering manger” 🐄 ...

No wonder people kept bringing alfalfa to meetings. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Thrilled to share that I’ll speaking @mobiconf@twitter.com in Krakow this Oct! This is a brand new talk for me! I’ll be discussing my journey leaving tech & returning to it. My hope is that perhaps my experiences prove useful others making these kinds of decisions! 2019.mobiconf.org/speaker/somm

Looking for something to do this weekend? Why not apply for a role on the Apple Accessibility team? :-) Come help us build technology that can give ALL people the tools to live, communicate, share and play.

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Come work in Apple’s Accessibility Software Engineering team. Multiple positions available! jobs.apple.com/en-us/search?se

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Working on Accessibility + working with Darryl. It can’t get any better!

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My team is hiring. If you are interested in helping to allow Apple’s apps to empower everyone to do their best work, to enrich their lives, and to collaborate with others in meaningful ways, come join me!


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I wrote a “love calculator” on my TI. You put in a bunch of info about yourself and another individual and then it did some silly math to give you a compatibility score. I rigged the math such that my crush and I got a 97%.

Spoiler: he was not convinced.

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What was the first program you ever wrote?

Mine was a website with a button which said "Press me" and if you clicked it you got an alert saying "you're soooo gullible".

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When things feel tough, I love to watch Free Solo. At one point @AlexHonnold@twitter.com says, “Nobody achieves anything great because they’re happy and cozy.” I’m reminded that it’s ok if things are hard or uncomfortable if I’m working toward something that matters, at least to me.

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