🎧🎶 Twitter! From a pure audio quality perspective - what are your FAVORITE wireless bluetooth ear buds? I can’t do over the ear for more than about 30 min and as much as I LOVE my wired Klipsch Image X10s, I really prefer wireless these days.

I’ve been working from NY for a little over a week now and it’s glorious. Really grateful to get to do this! A change of scene has def brightened my mood 🌞 and helped unblock some creative juices. Love this amazing city 💕

I love it when I pair w/ someone and I can help them solve a problem! As a manager, even tho I code a lot, I’m rarely the “expert” in any one area. With a few exceptions, I’m more of a generalist on whatever I’m needed on. So when I can jump on a call and help - it feels great!

The weirdest thing about burnout for me is that it causes me question not just my work but my identity. Things that on paper I enjoy…things I always have enjoyed…are no longer fun. It’s scary. It brings up feelings not just of “I need a break,” but of “what’s wrong with me?!”

A feature being inaccessible (for example, button not labeled for VoiceOver) is a P1 bug. There’s no gray are here. You wouldn’t ship without the icon being there would you? Because this is essentially the same thing, just via a different interface.

Testing in your apps is even easier when you can quickly toggle things like the Accessibility Shortcut, Large Text, Dark Mode and more!

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Add accessibility controls to Control Center to make them easier to access, right when you need them. Here’s how.

Learn more about the accessibility features built into your Apple devices: apple.com/accessibility

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Me: “Aaah now time to ease back into work after much needed day off!”
- 142 emails (AFTER aggressive filtering)
- 12 slack DMs asking if X or Y is done yet, some starting w/ “I know your OOO, but…”
- Multiple email confirming I’ll do something ASAP when I get back

Oof 😅

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So… I may need a vacation

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Apple engineers are often fantastic engineers, yes! And so are programmers at other companies, big and small. And solo indie devs too. I’ve met great engineers everywhere I’ve been! Gatekeeping titles and companies serves only to exclude, and I’m *not* here for it!

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A colleague at a former company once told me I couldn’t call myself an engineer unless I worked at Apple.

He said, “Now those are the REAL engineers.”

I’m laughing thinking about it now because I do essentially the same work now that I did back then.

So yes, use all of them. twitter.com/nehemiahkiv/status

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Evidently I’m the kind of person that types “haha” in my iMessage thread, then deletes it before sending and long presses for the “haha” TapBack... 🤦🏻‍♀️

I learn SO much from my coworkers. 💕 Today I thought for sure I knew what was better between option A and B for someone who is blind, but talked to my coworker who is blind and just 🤯 — total perspective shift! So grateful to learn from someone’s lived experience and expertise!

Ok a short follow up with Smalltalk the circus cat. This is all the tricks we have so far :-). She’s doing great!

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Y’all thought I’d get a cat and not teach her circus tricks? twitter.com/Sommer/status/1413

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The reward for good work is often more work, not a raise, especially for women. Ask for that raise. If they say yes, then you get the $$, and, yes or no, you get information about how the company views your value.

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@emrazz@twitter.com "It’s not really about asking for the raise, but ... having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along,” Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO.

Not asking for raise is “good karma" for women.


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Canceled said travel 😭 Multiple fully vaxxed friends have now gotten symptomatic covid + seeing folks dealing with long term covid issues… just not ready to take that risk.

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I just did a most thrilling thing… I booked travel. 🤯

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Y’all ever feel like you need to take a day off just to get some work done?

Sometimes it’s still weird to me that I do software for a living. I legit did not know this was even a job or skill until I was in college. And I didn’t know it was one I would use to make money until my 20s. 👩🏻‍💻

If nothing else this article has helped me de-gaslight myself from my beliefs that:
1. I’m more productive when I work fewer hours
2. I’m happier when I work fewer hours
3. I’m healthier when I work fewer hours

(Yet…here I am working far too many hours)


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