It’s that time of year. My annual watching of my favorite holiday film nears!!! 💚❤️ Anyone else adore this movie?
RT 14 Facts About 'The Muppet Christmas Carol' —


I think magic tap has it’s place and can be used well; it’s a great “power user” gesture, like Z. It’s a shortcut but not substitute for a common action that might take a few more taps normally.
RT We actually got feature requests for multiple users to enable magic tap on certain actions. In most cases, the requests were for intuitive stuff and we did it.


One of the big reasons I'm not a Reactive Native fan is that it doesn't do well for Accessibility. Here's a great explanation: I do disagree with the point that one shouldn't use magic tap at all, but that's minor :-P Def worth reading this!

Anyone in SF having issues with Verizon mobile today?? No LTE. No 3G. Nothing. Did all the thing (reboot, reset network settings, toggle roaming, turn off/on LTE, reboot some more)

Happy to see Instagram making the feed more accessible!
RT We’re proud to improve Instagram for people with visual impairments. Starting today, we are automatically adding alternative text to photos on Feed, Explore and Profile so people who use screen readers can hear what’s in the photo.


*puts on respirator mask to head out into SF*
*Thinks:* “Well I look ridiculous. At least no cat calling today.”
*Walks for 30 seconds down the street*
“Hey baby you look so sexy in that mask!”


When I was 18, I won an iPod Mini by calling in to my local radio (yes, I’m old). It was pink, and I named it Pearl. I loved that little thing until the day it died, many years later. And I still think it was just a wonderful design and form factor!

This guy is really good. Hire him!
RT Holiday season is slow for flight lessons, so I have some extra time to program some more 🔈 Is anyone looking for a short term iOS/backend contractor? 📱
RTs appreciated 🙏


How many times can I type “let something =“ in 5 minutes only have to smash delete and remind myself I’m writing ObjC? 🤦🏻‍♀️

I honestly always wondered about this…
RT Why Did Yankee Doodle Call a Feather ‘Macaroni’? —


What’s up !?! Here for the weekend to hang with and many others! Ping me if you’re in town! Extra credit if you want to come ride the Cyclone with me (again).

I’m part of a VR video! Put on your headset or scroll around on YouTube. Really proud of this piece our troupe built over at Fort Mason. 🎪
RT A few months ago got the chance to be shot on a 360 camera! Check us out!


If you've been trying to OR your accessibilityTraits in Swift 4.2 and been having trouble due to, check out this extension from

If you've bene trying to OR your accessibilityTraits in Swift 4.2 and been having trouble due to, check out this extension from

“My phones has 6 cores.”

*lifts up shirt* “same”

Korean dinner in with my team + a visiting Nacho. When you have a remote team, it’s so much more of a joy to be all in one place!

OH: “Peeing in the train is the closest to being in the circus I’ve ever been.”

My coworkers bring me so much joy.

Hard to beat team meetings in a stunning rooftop beer garden 🍻 and walking by gorgeous buildings on my way to work.

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