Bummed to not be going to UIConf this year, but ecstatically counting down the hours til ! Hope to see soooo many of you!

Also I hope lots of you are doing the runs and climbs that @parrots@twitter.com is organizing! dubdub.fitness I know I’ll be there!!!!

I feel very proud of the work our team is doing! It’s especially awesome to see Apple’s tech + AR + fitness app devs all working together to aid runners 🏃🏻‍♀️!


Hey Bay Area! Any one interested in buying my great condition PURPLE Nintendo 3DS with 4 games? DM me.

(No, I won’t ship it)

As someone who spends lots of time commuting to and from work and training this is so awesome. Social media doesn’t make me feel connected. Phone calls do.

Please let me know if you’re on telegram and you’d like to be talk on the phone from time to time!

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🔰 Launching WalkWithFriends.net/

A Telegram bot to easily stay in touch with family and friends across the world:

- Use walking/driving time to catch up with friends
- No need to schedule ahead of time
- If unavailable, they won't see your message
- No more double bookings

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Today for I was blown away w/ the work of 3rd party devs in the space! @JabberwockyApp@twitter.com & @HawkeyeAccess@twitter.com were just 2 amazing apps using head and/or eye tracking to help users interact & communicate. Huge thanks to @jessicagrauds@twitter.com for helping make today awsome!

So exciting to see a special gallery of Shortcuts for Accessibiltiy!! A great way to celebrate !

1. rmdd (alias to remove derived data)
2. getgif (little script to download a dumb gif, save locally for later and copy to pb)
3. Thanks! (Me typing accidentally in terminal instead of chat)

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What are the top 3 things you do in your shell other than cd and ls?

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Big news. HUGE. Do you want to come work on iOS Accessibility? At @Apple@twitter.com? On my team?! Well here you go: jobs.apple.com/en-us/details/2

(Before you DM me: this is a Cupertino based role.)

Come make a big difference, not just in tech, but in lives!

Someone: “Sommer! So I saw this cross walk with the bumps but then across the street was just a pile of garbage and no bumps and I thought of you!”

Me: “um...”

Someone: “you know! Accessibility!”

Me: “what exactly do you think my job is...?”

Tonight I told a guy what I do for work & he started to explain my own job to me…

BUT THEN mid sentence, he caught himself & said, “but you already know this. B/c it’s your job. So what I’m trying to say is I am thinking about what you do & I find it interesting & important!”😂

Me: “I can get away with working remote just one day. It’s been a quiet week.”

Work: “lol no I have rained hellfire upon you overnight.”

“By destigmatizing assistive technologies and making them ubiquitous, we can make them like curb cuts: devices that help everyone.”

Fantastic read!

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@Sommer@twitter.com The Curb Cut Effect! medium.com/@mosaicofminds/the-

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Exactly! Accessibility is about and for anyone and everyone.

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@Sommer@twitter.com It's not like disabilities aren't /enough/ of a reason to implement these, but I know a ton of people who use Magnifier for demo purposes, and I used Invert Colors to ease my eyes before Dark Mode was a thing. Accessibility features aren't automatically just for certain people.

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Ever wondered how to use certain features from Apple? Check out these great videos!

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Some news: Apple has posted four new accessibility-centric how-to videos to its Apple Support YouTube channel:

•AssistiveTouch: youtu.be/a0IO_tqsO5g
•VoiceOver: youtu.be/qDm7GiKra28
•Invert Colors: youtu.be/XFPOmq3wd4w
•Magnifier: youtu.be/DDwmpKxGrUc

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One of the lesser known but very powerful features of iOS gets the @NSHipster@twitter.com treatment. And it’s awesome. Learn all about Guided Access! nshipster.com/guided-access/

Today marks exactly 3 years employed at Apple (including my first stint). 🎉

OH: “So my grandpa always said that black & white tv was better bc the colors felt more real-life. We thought he was joking but then found out years later he was totally color blind!” (achromatopsia)

In case ever you wondered how greyscale mode might rly help some phone users!

If it were not for the phone paging feature of my Apple Watch, today would have had a rough start. As my phone was in my sock 🧦 drawer. In other news, I think I need more sleep.

If it were not for the phone lagging feature of my Apple Watch today would have had a rough start. As my phone was in my sock 🧦 drawer. In other news I think I need more sleep.

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