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Read my web comic, Fairy Play


Now with descriptions below for more accessibility.

I made some progress on the fairy cat. The mesh is the bottom layer in what I plan to be a floofy poofy dress.

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Please help my beautiful, lovely girlfriend and her roommates afford a new place to live by either donating to their GoFundMe in the link below or by boosting this toot! Thank you!

Bang bang bang. "Aaa, shoot." BANG BANG BANG

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Hey all, I have a month to come up with 2000 dollars or I won’t be able to continue at uni. I’ve been working my ass off but I’m at a stand still. I’ve already paid 4000 and I can provided documentation if anyone needs it. Please help. my paypal:

He is back with a large power tool. About to get noisy here.

I've got to stay hydrated because it's so dang hot, but the maintenance guys also disconnected our toilet while working on it.

Baygtommy = "blanket on me" in my 3 year old's dialect

Her questions today: Do you leave footprints? Do you sleep in caves?

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unrelated reminder that the UK metal festival Bloodstock had to ask performers to not swear during stage banter because if the wind is right the audio carries a mile and a half to a nearby WW1 memorial graveyard

and apparently while music just sounds like white noise at that distance, someone shouting "ARE YOU HAVING A FUCKING GOOD TIME YOU BASTARDS" over the PA is recognisable and so they had some complaints

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Nothing like a 3 yr old sliding a LittlePeople princess toy down my sunburn