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I was trying to make dramatic hands in a panel but I accidentally made it look like he's just concentrating really hard on one hand like he's trying to make it explode or something and ehhhhh

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How come none of the Yom Kippur/ Talk Like A Pirate Day takes I’ve seen so far are about Jonah, which is traditionally read on Yom Kippur and involves rejecting authority, sailing the high seas, and walking the plank.

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I guess I could draw an avi for myself; I am an artist. I've just been lazy putting my own dang face selfies in the little box.

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I'm sorry to be posting this again, but we have no money for shopping and we need food. We had a mishap with PayPal and now we're down £40 until it come back through. Plus I didn't get paid as I got overpaid a few weeks back. I should hopefully be getting paid on Friday (we should be getting paid on the 23rd but that's a Sunday so idk)

If anyone can help til then I'll love you forever

I was wondering where a good place to upload audio files to share them would be? I have been recording little snippets of sorta musical stuff on my phone.

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I've been listening to Gorillaz and not much else for two days, especially Tranz. So much nostalgia over Demon Days but there was newer stuff that I really love, too, from Humanz etc.

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well then Show more

I sung "Tight Pants Body Rolls" while having a barbie dance with a troll doll and my son wants to hear it on repeat now.

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