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Read my web comic, Fairy Play


Now with descriptions below for more accessibility.

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I was playing with a plastic crocodile and pretending to "num num num num" my daughter's arm. Her response?

To offer her arm and say, "Here's your breffast."

that one I didn't mishear. I'm just not telling you the context.

"He promised his shrinking days were over."

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it was a Disney preview thing where they go all out trying to make themselves an essential part of childhood and then I heard this woman's voice sing, "It's time to remember my dick!" but, of course, she was singing "magic" not "my dick" but that's just what I heard

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Finished! :D Made in @krita . I'll put this on Spoonflower eventually so it can get printed on fabric.

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I'm in a good mood but the heat of the day has me wiped out

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Shout out to the cashier who spotted me 4 pennies when I paid with change at the self serve and had a Canadian quarter by mistake. I know you pity me and I don't care; I love your kindness.

"A bee is out there."


Being mildly allergic to soap fumes sure makes showers a sneeze party.

Me: -starts a new episode of MBMBAM-
ABBA: If you change your mind -
My daughter: STOP THAT MUSIC
ABBA: ...I'll be first in line...
My daughter: Stop it, PLEASE! Please Mommy?
Me: It is only a few seconds of the song.
My daughter: Please stop the music, Mommy!

So Somebody Does Not Like ABBA

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"This is fantastic! Is this a shell?"
"And are these waves?"
"It's wonderful!"
"For YOU."
"For me? Oh thank you so much!"
I have this grape-scented beauty here and I wanted to show you.