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Read my web comic, Fairy Play


Now with descriptions below for more accessibility.

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Snek finished. Blunt weapon. Hmm.
Trying my hand at knitting Frog and Toad using tweed frog pattern.

I hope I'll be able to draw at least 7 goblins. here's the first one.

We misplaced a fire-pattern green snake, a fair prize from before my daughter was born, so I am knitting up a quick snake sans pattern.

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Merlin is a cuddly cat. I got up from bed and he was like Mom where you go, but in cat mews.

What's the steamed hams meme about, as much as it is meaningful to ask about this dadaism.

HEY GUYS! I need your help! My health has been dragging me down for a while now and I haven't been able to keep up with comms. To make up for it I'm running a tshirt campaign to hopefully sell enough to cover 2 months of rent that are overdue.

The art is an original piece I made, aimed at everyone who identifies with the "Spoon Theory" for disabled/sick.

I'd really appreciate y'all spreading the word to help boost sales! #mastoart #tshirt #crowdfunding #spoonie

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Things I notice about Home:

Slushiest is sapient, at least enough for emotions and facial expressions.
Pig cat dances a little.

I stepped on a toy train Nov 25th. I thought my foot had healed but it still hurts.