Someone pointed out to me that the new Formula 1 titles/intro sequence they'll show before every race are really generic and can basically go with any music, so I gave it a go.

And some more!

* Landscape at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park
* Red Panderp at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park
* Trees at Rogie Falls
* Rogie Falls

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Finally had a chance to go through the SD card in my big camera from when I went to the Scottish Highlands a couple of weeks ago, and here's some photos:

* Scottish Border on the A74(M)
* Outside our Cabin (with Coo!)
* Glen Ord Distillery
* Waff at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park

Finally done a proper full clean of the car to get 900 miles of Scotland off it. Super shiny speedy boi once more~

No, that isn't what I asked for although it is close. Thanks Google. Thoogle.

Went to Loch Ness today, by gosh it's pretty around here

Why the fuck should I care Google? I'm 300 miles away? Don't buzz my phone with a notification for crap that I didn't ask for.

I should probably be paying more attention to the game, but...

Heck. I didn't realise quite how big this was. They said extra large, but this is one heck of a microfiber towel. Just need to not drop it when I'm drying XD

@Sosh I was right.

Nowhere near as busy inside as I was expecting, just felt like a normal Saturday

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I bet the Trafford Centre car parks won't look like this later today

Cinnamon 4.0 has a Windows 7-esque taskbar/panel now with big icons that you can pin to the panel, instead of big boxes with text in.

In my opinion, still the best design for collecting a list of all the different applications you currently have open in a concise and easily understood format!

Them: "Do the thing!"
Me: *starts doing the thing*

I can tell you now that on these dates I will be playing Spyro. :B

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