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Mental health (+), Self worth (+) 

My manager in work has a bad habit of holding what I like to call "hosing" sessions in team meetings. Where he sets you up and fires off a lot of questions that it's obvious you don't know the answer to, but will keep pressing you.

I just realised that I genuinely can't remember the last time that I've fallen to this, so maybe I'm not as bad at my job as I think, and some stuff is actually sinking in and I can have the confidence to answer in meetings.

Mental Health, Brexshit (---) 

Really struggling to hold it together today. All the office can talk about today is and I'm just trying to focus thoughts elsewhere.

My headspace has been all over the place anyway this week and I'm just struggling to bring myself to get stuff done that needs doing because it just brings on shitty anxiety issues. So now I'm just staring into a bottomless pit of bad thoughts, worries and anxiety and struggling to pull myself back from the edge.

I've worked here for 2 1/2 years and I've only just realised that they have a pick n mix stand in the canteen D:

Mental health (--) 

Every morning for the last few days I've woken up in a really bad head space and it's bumming me right out. I've managed to avoid it getting any worse than it started, in fact managing to turn it around yesterday. But I've got a series of very long days coming up and it's making me very anxious which has a very high probability of pitching me into a very negative spiral >.<

@Sosh I was right.

Nowhere near as busy inside as I was expecting, just felt like a normal Saturday

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I bet the Trafford Centre car parks won't look like this later today

Cinnamon 4.0 has a Windows 7-esque taskbar/panel now with big icons that you can pin to the panel, instead of big boxes with text in.

In my opinion, still the best design for collecting a list of all the different applications you currently have open in a concise and easily understood format!

Them: "Do the thing!"
Me: *starts doing the thing*

So I'm looking to plug a gap in my Christmas schedule, would anyone want to have a drgn come visit for a day or two during the weekend between Christmas and New year? Preferably no further north than Birmingham though as I'm doing stuff daaahn saaaath

Apparently when I'm drunk I'm quite good at the numbers round on countdown?!?

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folks i beg of you please tag your nsfw posts as sensitive content and use content warnings (don’t just put nsfw language describing your post in the content warning!)

I do not want to adult today. Can someone just seal me in a plush suit and cuddle me all day instead?

Apologies in advance if I snap at anyone today. Didn't sleep well last night, and already lost my temper twice today. Will likely not be very communicative.

Nando's has got Piri Piri gravy now and it's really nice :9

Do you want to know something that I'd find useful? A terminal app that allowed you to paste what was in your selection/keyboard as plain text but automatically escaping any unsafe characters and/or percent encoding anything dodgy.

I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but I think the new Lion King trailer is uncanny valley garbage

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