So I'm seeing a lot of political posts by new users from #india but I am totally lost on most of the issues they are discussing. I would love to watch a video or read some articles to get a crash course on current indian politics from a left-wing perspective, but I have no idea where to start. Could I get some help?

@prashere thank you! I did read this but I am hoping to learn about other political issues in India, like the #Ayodha verdict. Do you have any suggestions?

@Aleums @prashere this one is about kashmir but it's not up to date. Article 370 has been struck down since then so here's a talk on that :

@Soumyadip @Aleums @prashere this is such a well done video. One that smears blood on hands across party line and only Lalu Prasad Yadav emerges as the shining star. We must never forget who was on the side of peace! Thank you for sharing.

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