Peer reviewed academic medical paper on myocarditis from Covid-19 vaccines, written by two of the top doctors in the field, removed and censored by Elsevier, the worlds oldest academic publishing institution

Bret Weinstein and his wife are doctors, biologists and professors, long time academics

Section-play video from
34:22 to 39:00

🤡🌎 didn’t disappoint.
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GM 🤡🌎! Let’s get after it relentlessly today. 🔥

I need some good laughs.

Just checked.

The answer is . . .
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I made this really cool website to indicate whether Craig Wright signed a transaction using any private keys associated with Satoshi Nakamoto. BTW, it's completely static and not subject to change, ever.


#bitcoin #bsv #CSW
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Become ungovernable.
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Lol finally got the fine for not wearing the mask in the tube.

Told the agent I'm not gonna pay it.

Is this real? If it is then JFC!
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I don't remember this happening in previous years? 🤔

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