I can't believe it. I released 2.6, wrote the press release about it, updated my Patreon blog. I am done, I am free, I can breathe

Goodbye and Hello! 

Greetings fellow tooters! Thank you all for making my time here at Social enjoyable. However, it is time for me to move on. This will be my last toot from this account.
You can now find me at @SpaceForceCommander@knzk.me. My alt will remain @SpaceForceCommander@bofa.lol. Looking forward to keeping up with you beautiful people from across the instances.

One last thing: Laurelai runs her own instance and any appeal to authority about it will likely come to nothing. Block her instance, move on. She sucks, do not let her suckiness spread. Also she follows me so what up laurelai I think you're bad and your positioning of yourself as a bulwark against transphobia is a smokecreen to hide your abuse of other trans folk.

Civility discourse is a social cancer.

The meme that you've "lost the argument" when you get angry is a propagandistic device for rationalizing nihilism and protecting fascism.

Hey folks, after seeing the bullshit way .social has handled some high profile assholes I doubt I'll be using this account.

Find me over at @BadViewsBear

@jizzwitch @Gargron @stuxnetsource @ster @computerghoul My god Eugen. It's very obvious you have a grudge again the bofa instance now. You really just going to believe anything people tell you about them? You spent 2 days talking about "accusations are nothing without proof" and someone pops up and throws accusations and you're like, "word?"

Goodnight horny tooters and remember that sexual health is important so if your partner is weird about wearing condoms or getting tested you should think twice about sleeping with them!

Instance-related question 

@SpaceForceCommander apparently bofa got banned from federation with .social, so a lot of people moved to knzk.me

why is 77 better than 69? 

because you get 8 more. get it? ate more? nm

‪every time i open mastodon i give up immediately because all the posts are just people talking about twitter, & tbh i keep losing track of the toot button‬

I just want to tell you, good luck. We're all counting on you.

Instance-related question 

Hey all! I’m thinking about leaving social. Any ideas on which instance to join? I’m already in Bofa.lol.

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