Stop making 'fuck gender' jokes until you know what TERFs are

Äh, welche geopolitischen Veränderungen habe ich denn jetzt verpasst, Twitch?

nonbinary folk capable of being in Brighton daytime Wednesday 21st - if you wanna be in a music video hmu

Amazon, ICE, union action++ 

Technology can’t clean up white people’s failures for us, we have to do it ourselves

Mauna Kea, Decolonization, Hawaii 

its really weird how fedilab refused to block gab instances and is now implementing features to evade client blocks that were put in place as a result of this decision. it's almost like there is some kind of sympathizing going on here

I don't know who needs to hear this but not everything needs to or should be reclaimed

Example: Nazis calling people NPCs is not something you should 'reclaim' lol

Hawaii, Indigenous Anti-Capitalism, Mauna Kea 

*verkneift sich was zu Astrologie zu schreiben* 🤐

"[Some Random Thing] Challenges Our Notions About Sex" *wipes off glasses and puts them back on* "Cis People Don't Understand Sex"

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