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Space Quest Historian

1. Patreon fucks everyone over by introducing transaction fees for pledgers.
2. Patreon creators, furious, adjust their pledge tiers so the total amount equals previous tiers with the transaction fee accounted for.
3. Patreon says, "Aaaaactually ... You can't pledge in cents anymore. Has to be a round number. Sorry about that!"
4. Patreon headquarters, presumably, is swallowed up by a sinkhole leading straight to Hell to be with their new master.

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If you're interested in seeing me get my ass kicked in , check out Human Interact's stream tonight at 20.00 CET.

You can even join yourself, if you feel like it. Here's how:

I just started playing a very interesting-looking called Neofeud. It's essentially a one-man job, and I find that really impressive - even if the art style is a bit all over the place.

Check out the first episode:

just released! It's got a text parser, just like the old Sierra games, BUT it has predictive text! No more "guess what verb/noun the game understands" frustration! It's brilliant.

Get it here:

If old-school beat-em-ups is your thing, you can do much worse than Radical Heroes. And the devs have had a hell of a time (Hurricane Irma and a stingy publisher), so do give it a gander.

Here's me playing it from a while back: I'm using Spherical maps for basic navigation hubs to get around in Lorna Bains, I LOVE what the checkerboard pattern does with the Spherical Camera.

It’s Black Friday, so why not enjoy the AI entry-level job simulator LOCALHOST. No there’s no deal on it but hey you might enjoy it.

im tired of black friday being an orgy of spending and commercialism in the name of "deals"

so here's my black friday deal: if you're struggling financially or are having trouble making ends meet, i'll pitch in a bit to help you out: just reply to this post with a link to somewhere i can donate. i can't spare much but i'll do the best i can.

if you're someone privileged like me, consider doing one of these as well with the tag #givebackfriday or donating to links in the replies.

Excellent article on the stigma ("it's a dead genre!") and future of . Featuring input from Ron Gilbert (Thimbleweed Park), Dave Gilbert (Blackwell Epiphany), Francisco Gonzalez (Shardlight), Olivia White (Charnel House Trilogy), and other cool people.

You don't have to support me on Patreon, but if you do, you do get some pretty nifty perks (at least, I think so):

is the longest-running series of adventure games, one of the few to get the marriage of and right. Sat, Dec. 2 will have a showing of a new 45 minute documentary on the birth and life of our favorite future-noir P.I. More info:

Basically, you work your way backwards from the solution to the problem. It's a great way to see visually if your design is getting too complicated (or, conversely, if it's too linear).

I never really understood puzzle dependency charts until Ron Gilbert explained in this post. I had to re-read it a couple of times, but it's really helpful when you're designing .

Adventure game folks (@SpaceQuestHistorian, @GoreMcSpace, @camulust, etc) - has anyone ever compiled like a really massive list of good ideas for adventure game and item-combination puzzles, or indeed a list of actual adv-game puzzle situations/solutions to use for inspiration? I'm having yet another "I don't want to put in another damn fetch quest" moment, and feel like some kind of inspiration list might be useful if it doesn't exist already...

@JubalBarca @SpaceQuestHistorian @GoreMcSpace
A very nice list of articles about puzzle design and adventure game theory was compiled by Icefall Games last year. Lots of reading to do, but it will help:

@SpaceQuestHistorian Space Quest III was the first game I ever intentionally bought on release day, back when pre-ordering was unheard of. I'd been introduced to the series by a friend who had the first two, as well as Leisure Suite Larry. Never got into King's Quest or Police Quest though... I should look them up.