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the subway sandwich artist called my order “respectable”

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get excited for my next op-ed: Millenials Are Killing Nazis

My film program banned weapons in student films because 80% of male students and like 60% of female students would otherwise try to do no-budget Tarantino

Good coming of age stories:

The Piccolo Saga
The Cell Saga

hot take: the best zelda music is in breath of the wild

thank god to kojeve for putting it into something approaching readable

it's awful how annoying hegel is to read given how hugely important that motherfucker is to any sort of modern philosophy

call of duty 4 as an exploration of the human condition in joyce's "a portrait of the artist as a young man", a thread (1/447)

what up lil dudes, dxdes, and hard chillers of any gender, i'm BUZZING with good vibes at this moment

homestuck fans find jokes about white people offensive but are too awkward and cowardly to say so publicly

"Homosexuality, Communism, and chocolate bread” is such a mood

the homestuck thread is the only true hellthread on this website

this place is too damn horny honestly. y'all gotta tone it down

Great words from a great man... We lost a real one today.

Rest in Peace, sir 😔

ben shapiro voice: "The only way to be a rebel is to *squints at notes* fully support everything that the American empire does, no matter how misguided or fucked up"

laser's entire account is a meticulously planned trap to get me to listen to the front bottoms but I won't fall for it!

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