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the subway sandwich artist called my order “respectable”

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get excited for my next op-ed: Millenials Are Killing Nazis

watched the watermelon woman last night and loved it, today I'm going through cheryl dunye's short films. its good stuff, criterion channel is really excellent for this

a girl in my high school band class said I smelled good and I’ve been riding that high ever since

the textbook for this business course I have to take is one of the worst I've seen in my life. terribly written and constantly leaning into pseudoscience bullshit. also like 60% of the word count is quotes. it reads like a last minute undergrad paper but apparently it's one of the most highly respected books in the field

heard a mockingbird singing alone at 2 am last night. apparently that’s common behavior for unmated males. sorta feel bad for the guy

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JoJo fans keep telling me they like "when unique and interesting stands clash" even tho all the main ones just have the power of "punch strong good"

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sorry everyone but I have to speak my truth: the original gundam is one of the worst looking gundams

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something about biden's video setup makes it look like people are talking to a recording and its very disconcerting

had a pastrami sandwich a couple years ago that I still think about occasionally

how's hunterxhunter? just finished death note and I could use another relatively easy show like that one. also how's the dub for it

just doing background character shit today. having a subplot that takes place over precisely two scenes

I gotta say the subplot in oceans thirteen where one of the guys organizes a factory in mexico and they go on strike is unexpected but welcome

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