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the subway sandwich artist called my order “respectable”

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get excited for my next op-ed: Millenials Are Killing Nazis

everyone on my timeline is always live-reviewing critically acclaimed foreign arthouse films and I’m just over here working up the energy to rewatch Adventure Time

I made 1 bag of rice thinking it would be a reasonable amount but its a freakin mountain of it

me, listening to carly rae jepsen while drinking lemonade: you could say im an intellectual

did you know the hapsburgs are still around and one of them is a racing driver

No Google, I know there are "flashlight attachments" for my gun. That's not what im asking, and I dont appreciate you autocorrecting me

the police station scene, in retrospect, is goofy as hell, but man a bunch of flying debris is still dope

you can't fuck the bots are predicting our every move

god the first time he leaves is so freakin gross. I love it

I love every single frame of this movie, even the hack Mallick style tracking shots

what do you think the blue pill actually is. just like, a sugar pill?

"it is the wool that has been pulled over your eyes" man they're barely even hiding the themes here

why do they need to interrogate him at all if the machines control the matrix

agent smith laying out how much of a fuckin loser neo is is pretty good

imagining that this is john wick as a nerdy hacker makes this great

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