begins right now! first things first, The Killers, the first of his short student films

@Spacedrake the killers, uh, doesn’t really hold up to modern audiences

the killers was visually pretty interesting actually, you can tell he’s gonna be going somewhere

@Spacedrake “there will be no leave today” already with more production value and faster editing, you can tell he’s learned a lot between the two

it took a good hour for there to be any women on screen at all, and even then there haven’t been any female speaking parts yet :P

@Spacedrake there will be no leave today was actually quite interesting, and beautiful of course. there’s a great sense of camaraderie in the face of death between the soldiers, even though they’re not in combat

continues, after a short break. On to the Steamroller and the Violin, his final project for school and his first one in color

man, that one was just beautiful. you can see his style really coming into it’s own. gonna eat lunch and move on to ivan’s childhood

@Spacedrake moves on to his feature length films with Ivan’s Childhood, generally considered a masterpiece

the visual texture of this movie is just amazing. all the shots of the trees are gorgeous

@Spacedrake starting to feel the length of this project haha. but we’re pushing through! andrei rublev next

ok, we took a break and looked at some of my friend’s historical magazines, but NOW we’re starting Andrei Rublev

@Spacedrake this movie is long as hell but it’s really quite impressive

ok that was a slog lol. really enjoyed the final vignette however, with the bell. the whole thing with the kid not really knowing what he was doing really resonated (hah) with me

@Spacedrake continues, onward and upward, with Solaris! the science fiction epic and probably most famous of his films, as well as the last for us today


I really appreciate how much tarkovsky leans into the weirdness in solaris, and given his style, gives it plenty of time to breathe

@Spacedrake man, solaris was just amazing. beautiful, thoughtful, sincere in a way I did not expect at all, it was lovely. probably my favorite of the ones we saw today. anyway, that’s enough for tonight. tomorrow morning, continues with Mirror!

@Spacedrake Have you got to The Sacrifice yet (maybe at the end). Tarkovsky plus Nykvist really is a supergroup. Solaris is great, the images and the feels really stay with you.

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