I think the worst phrase I've read today is "like Netflix, but for democracy"

@Spacedrake what does that even mean? Is it a cheap date that you can also binge watch alone? Like what

@gazelle sending money monthly to politicians, like a netflix sub essentially. what a terrible way to say it though

@Spacedrake @gazelle what a fucking nightmarishly blatant form of capitalist tyrrany

@nuttgodd @gazelle eh, it's better than them getting it from special interest groups imo

@Spacedrake @nuttgodd @gazelle "special interest groups" is such a meaningless phrase tho it refers to everything from trans people trying to get human rights to the fucking nra


@chillgamesh by "special interest groups" I primarily mean lobbyists for corporations since they're the ones putting the most money into politics, by far. you're right though, it's a phrase with a really broad meaning and I probably should have been more specific

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