I think the worst phrase I've read today is "like Netflix, but for democracy"

@Spacedrake what does that even mean? Is it a cheap date that you can also binge watch alone? Like what

@gazelle sending money monthly to politicians, like a netflix sub essentially. what a terrible way to say it though

@Spacedrake @gazelle what a fucking nightmarishly blatant form of capitalist tyrrany

@nuttgodd @gazelle eh, it's better than them getting it from special interest groups imo

@Spacedrake @gazelle not really, considering there is a clear and blatant division of political ideology across socioeconomic lines

@Spacedrake @gazelle it's literally allowing those with the most money to influence politics that decide what happens to people's money.

@nuttgodd that's already happening though. there's already tons of money being poured into politics in lump sums. the difference here is that people who can't afford to give a bunch of money at once can give a little, over time. the awful phrase was actually in reference to a dishwasher giving AOC's campaign $1/month. I do agree that money should be taken out of politics completely, but repealing citizens united isn't happening anytime soon so we have to find alternative ways to fight back


@nuttgodd sorry, hopefully that doesn't read as too aggressive :P

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@Spacedrake I know it's already happening, I don't see how it would change anything though. At the end of the day, the tiny amount of money that leftists will be able to give over time won't outbid the massive amount of money that fascist capitalists give over the same amount of time.

@nuttgodd I mean, yeah. but it's something at least. if you're gonna be working within the electoral system it's an improvement imo

@Spacedrake we'll never defeat capitalism by playing their own game

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