ok I need some new podcasts. whats a good one about a specific topic (no generic comedy podcasts please)

oh I like history pods a lot in particular, more of those would be neat

@Spacedrake red Scare

Ok jokes aside 99 percent invisible is a pretty good architecture and design podcast

@Spacedrake oh dam you listen to it already? What's your favorite episode so far?

@SunSaint oh jeez there's a lot. I do find myself thinking about the fire safety one, which talks about designing homes to withstand burning so that fires are allowed to take their natural course, making future fires less bad

@Spacedrake I like the one about social infrastructure

@SunSaint I actually don't think I've heard that one, I'mma check it out

@Spacedrake This Land is done by a cherokee woman who's covering the Oklahoma land settlement right now, All My Relations is one that touches on indigenous rights, queerness, feminism, among other topics, Citations Needed is one that dismantles a lot of liberal media wording and they always have on fantastic guests

@Bashabez5 @Spacedrake and it is related to Ballin Out Super, podcast about the most important media product of our time

@bryceyoungquist although I heard my boy krillin becomes a cop and I can't have that

@Spacedrake @bryceyoungquist please refer to my post re: krillin being a cop, in which i make the point that he is one of the weakest people in the dragon ball universe, his ability to do cop shit is essentially nil. he is at best a meter maid, and that's fine.

@bryceyoungquist @Spacedrake oh yeah i mean its amazing, its a series whose filler shit may be some of its best and thats honestly a compliment to the highest degree

@Spacedrake @bryceyoungquist not really tien and master roshi are definitely more powerful than him they're just less focused on characters

@tasnyx @bryceyoungquist true, makes sense. krillin, you made it through by the skin of your bald ass head

@Spacedrake @bryceyoungquist he became friends with goku while he was a monkey baby and been riding on his coattails ever since, sometimes its just like that

@tasnyx @Spacedrake Krillin is endearing because he has literally never been a threat. he has always existed to be chumped.

even yamcha was a threat to goku, though admittedly it was for about fifteen seconds at the very start of dragonball

@Bashabez5 I like citations needed for sure but I'll check out those others

@Spacedrake revolutions is one i really like its gone from the english civil war to now talking about the russian revolution

@mcknze one of my favs lol. I recently caught up and having to wait the past few weeks for new episodes has been interminable. I listened to Age of Napoleon in the meantime which is also excellent

@Spacedrake i love reply all its about a lot of different tech related stories but theres really consistent themes that are quite powerful its the only podcast thats made me cry

@Spacedrake episode #102 is a real good one that id recommend as a starter

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