yo *three percent* of the world population went on strike today. a quarter of a billion people! shoutouts to india

does "universal social security" mean unemployment or what?

folks, we did it. most boosts on a single post

@Spacedrake As long as it doesn't interfere with the people making Kangana movies :)

@Spacedrake I think only certain employees get social security pensions--basically gov't employees. It doesn't help that the spoils system is rampant in India, from what I understand.

@Spacedrake ah wait I think this was last week, are they still on?

@aeonofdiscord I have no idea tbh, there’s not a ton of news about it

@chillgamesh @Spacedrake yeah and I haven't found a good source for the number (like what is that mint website?)

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