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I’ve been thinking lately, with its sequel just released, about Barsk. It’s a book I very much dug.
My only real issues with it are furry fandom related, and one of them isn’t even about the book per se.

1. The entire book, ultimately, hinges on a question that we in the furry community long ago more or less left behind.

2. There’s a part of me that’s really annoyed that it spawned at least one list of “furry” books that didn’t include a single book from any of our small presses.

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🎶If you're a Nazi and you're fired, it's your fault. If you're a Nazi and you're fired, it's your fault! You were spotted in the mob, Now you've lost your fucking job, You're a Nazi and you're fired, it's your fault! 🎶

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is it true that mastodon is actually a psyop created by hover and namecheap to spur people into paying crazy prices for hip domain names such as "balls.hypno.gongle.sigil", "godzone.fuck" and ""

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Good morning, happy mutants and members of the Post-Human Society! For the next 18 hours, gravity will be optional. Please set an appropriate reminder to make certain you are within four feet of the ground when it once again becomes mandatory.

“I know several gay actors and they wouldn’t be considered ‘pretty’ by Disney or even by many of the other gays”

Thanks husband. That made my night so great! Perfect even

I just read the character history for a LARP PC. I am going to fuck her character’s world up in the best possible way. She and her character’s brother are going to love this!

They didn’t ignore my advice. What I mean is they literally ignored my attempting to speak.

Furries’ have this exact paradigm of fandom interaction and I could probably have given them something to think about. But instead they chose to just keep talking back and forth in the group to the exclusion, not just of me, but of everyone else in the room too.

This wasn’t a side conversation. They dominated the room with this.

It makes me fairly furious

Last night I had the misfortune of sitting in a room with a group of people in which two of them, experienced conrunners for a literary sci-fi con and a massive anime con, monopolized the conversation to the exclusion of everyone else.

They were discussing the problem of getting younger blood into their cons because youth’s interaction with fandom is entirely online.

10 times I tried to speak and was ignored entirely. As a con runner myself, I had some actual insights that could’ve been useful

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There is always a price to pay. The Tarot cards spent the whole day listening to people's problems, and giving advice.
In the evening, she lined them all up - empress, fool, lovers, and the others - to listen to their concerns, and try to help as well as she could.

Finally pinpointed the “how dare you discuss politics” moment that caused a tantrum at my podcast recording.

It’s pretty tame. I’m not going to feel bad about it.

I have suddenly been filled with the irrepressible desire to make sure my library card is renewed and spend excessive time in my local branch.

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I’m going to Anthrocon. Leaving in the morning

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How can I simultaneously feel I don’t have time to keep in touch with people and IN THE SAME BRAIN feel in any way like someone who doesn’t reach out to ME doesn’t value MY friendship at all?

What kind of intellectually dishonest jackhole mubfubbery is this?!

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