Was thinking of a name for this alternate deep space version of my sona Z1-9 but I'm having a hell of a time figuring it out.

Help me narrow this down (I'm going for something that sounds like a star name or exoplanet). May not guarantee this being the final name but might give me an idea of focus:

Long time no stream? After-work personal art doodling. Low stress, might hop around a bit.

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Everything is not fine and I have literally no healthy outlets or coping mechanisms right now.

Wow it's been a hot minute since I've been through here. Hey everyone, still not dead!

While the wiki is still having itself a lie-down, the new @s2b2 is here and ready for you to read it! See last boost for link details (I’m still waking up).

Ideally you’d read all the stories in order because the editors actually work hard to curate things well, but if you MUST skip to the one for which I drew lizardman lingham, it’s “Polyeleos.”

(BTW these stories are queer porn from primarily queer creators, do not go into this assuming they aren’t)

Hhheellll yeeaaaah got a job, at a local garden nursery no less!

It is seasonal so I'm still going to have to keep in mind applying for more full time work in the future but for now, this is good. Yes. At least I'm getting somewhere.

Gonna check to see if a specific job prospect can be viable on the bus line, if so that'd be nice.

All on working on poor mental health, a commission queue and burnout. Fun! Cross your fingers I don't end up homeless by the end of August.

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Getting down to the wire and I have little to no living space prospects and I need to boost job search efforts because I gotta plan for living on my own in 6 months quite suddenly.

I'm pretty unstable and don't actually trust myself 100% to be left alone but that's how it be tonight.

Can't/don't want to move back into my old place with the folks, I'd sooner kill myself.

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So guess the roommate decided to rescind the idea of a 12-month lease again so I need to find a place to stay in 6 months again and maybe even facing the possibility of homelessness. Okay.

Just negativity, CW for those that want to keep their tls tidy and impersonal. 

Also I'm -still- paralyzed with indecision about going to BLFC or entering the art show.

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Just negativity, CW for those that want to keep their tls tidy and impersonal. 

I've steadily reached a point of burnout where I'll stare at unanswered messages and keep closing pages. Just want every friend to know that I absolutely intend to respond to you, it just takes monumental will and energy right now.

Also it's gauche to outright mention the S word on social media so in between struggling to be a functional human being it's just been ~*~ n i h i l i s i m ~*~.

Sometimes I get asked how I use masking fluid so here you go

My girlfriend and I are trying out a new collab thing that I’m posting process shots of exclusively for $3-and-up patrons! Who knows, maybe we’ll do more of these? I’m pretty excited to try at least.

🍀 patreon.com/posts/z1-9-collab- 🍀

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