✨ Femme fatale Madame Rysehena ✨

Little redesign/update of an old character to better coincide with the lore I'm writing up for gargoyles in Alteir. This looser style works out for me when I don't have a whole lot of free time for art.

Another from the backlog pile, this time for a Design-A-Dragon meme I did on Twitter. The components were:

Twisted, vine-wrapped horns.
Fiery mane
Hummingbird wings
Bobbit worm body
Shrimp tail
Red skin

(also had cephalopod eyes but I forgot to add them oops)

Good god I'm so behind my uploads here this year. Some fun character designs I did for my Alteir worldbuilding setting. These two serve under Captain Drakefang as gunners and also are the ones that help guard the ship's ammo supply.

Anyway this time my excuse is that I've been working 45hr work weeks for a bit and I have another week or two of this bs before the craziness calms down.

My god I love being on Mastodon why do I always forget this place exissstttsss

Ironically, even though work is running me into the ground and the only time I can work on art is my weekend, I've been thinking and planning more worldbuilding than I have in a LONG time. Maybe it's the incredible amount of pressure, the stubbornness to sort of push back that's making it so? I dunno.

I mean, outside of the close s-word attempt some months ago, I guess I'm fine? Or at least....vertical and alive. Still get the Bad Days (like today) but hey. I think I just miss certain things from some years ago. And being around friends.

And I guess speaking of jobs, at least I have stable work (for now, since we're gearing up for the busy season again) but I'm getting that rising, creeping feeling of wishing I had somewhere better commute-wise.

Hey Masty people it's been a few months, I've been working a (nearly) full time job and briefly forgot this place exists!

I hope your collective Mondays have been on the alright side.

From W2 (@ladysisyphus on Twitter), with her blessing, I bring you the "reading your own work after the fact experience chart."

Personal worldbuilding concept: Pirates and sailors in general have somewhat greater quality of life in a high magic/magitech setting like Alteir.

Consider how even though it costs a pretty copper, self-replenishing flagons could supply a crew collectively with a larger share of fresh potable water which would also mean small "creature comforts" like bathing is more of a thing and why my pirate Captain Drakefang absolutely invested in some.

Ineligible for unemployment benefits, guess THAT is another no-go.

Official unemployed deadbeat who went ahead and applied for unemployment while looking for work again. Urgency x2 because I have rent to pay now. I feel like I can't even enjoy having my own workspace or room right now.

OH OKAY so um I guess I didn't really have two weeks left, more like tomorrow is my last day.

However, myself and my managers have been getting in touch with our landscaping division to get me transferred, they even wrote the email today so it all comes down to me waiting to hear back from landscaping.

I don't like this particular brand of pins and needles anxiety because since it isn't 100% yet I can't be hopeful or relax.

Hi hello everyone I'm sorry I've been RIDICULOUSLY out of touch and detached from everything, once August hit I've been in this fugue state of just trying to survive.

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Less than two weeks notice that I'm getting laid off, oof.

Workin' on concepts, maybe a personal ref sheet or commission? We'll see how much energy I have, it's been in short supply lately.

- Music ON
- Mic OFF

>>>>>>>>>> picarto.tv/Sparkyopteryx <<<<<<<<<<

Going to be streaming for an unspecified amount of time in about 20-30 minutes. Feeling out when good times to stream are for me when I get a new and better setup in the near future.

Done with the stream FOR NOW, mainly because I have to lightbox the next part and I can’t do that without messing with the camera and lighting. So depending, I’ll be resuming later tonight or tomorrow with the next steps!

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Okay done with the landscape for now, changing tack and working on this:

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