To the person who gave me unsolicited advice on how to deal with my “blotchy” cheeks: thank you for inspiring me to do a quick self portrait to remind myself how gorgeous my blush is. Also, go suck 20,000 lemons.

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🔹 Hugin & Munin a la punk street art 🔹

Will be another eventual merch design, and the original is going to be available at the BLFC art show if a generous patron doesn’t buy it up first! 9’‘x9’’, India ink and Poscas on paper. Larger .png for patrons on my Patreon.

Patron post here talking about my progress with this Hugin and Munin piece:

HEADS UP I'll be inking this tomorrow morning at around 10-10:30am PST for those of you that want to catch it!

What better way to observe some than with some Hugin and Munin art? Still very much a wip, just really wanted to show what I'm working on.

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Been thinking ‘bout them c h a r r lately. So here are some studies of one of my dudes. Actually extremely happy about that foot study. I want to draw more cat monsters so I’m offering a small markdown on any commission that features charr in it!

Today I made up for lost time by #drawing at top speeds, though I only really tightened up two pages! This is actually the first time I’ve tried to draw a traditional Japanese sailing vessel!

Spruced up some Topaz sketches last week that I found that were sitting around since December. Slowly but surely getting more confident in drawing her again. Patrons got to see this a week early!

#drawing from today and tightened up some “warforged” concepts from last week.

I am scared and sad and a voice mail from my folks isn’t helping much.

This snooty merchant gob is unimpressed by your barter skills.

No character in specific, just something I started sketching up last night while the gf showed me Mononoke Medicine Seller. That art style is inspiring.

UPDATED MY TRELLO BOARD. Trying to do this more regularly so I can stay organized and accountable.

How I paint fog and trees
I tried to be quick but my camera still cut off before the end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Commission finally done for CloveDarkwave @ birdsite of her Forsaken ice mage main in awesome vanilla PvP gear! Was lots of fun, a relaxing "comfort zone" piece with the inking. Copic multiliners, Kuretake brushpen and Posca.

Stream over! Thanks for all that came around. Will be taking a few hours break, may resume later though!

Thinking of streaming @ Picarto in about 20 minutes! Having a stretch and a snack, then we're going to get to some inking fun.

Doing new b&w badges for FC (in addition to my regular patches)!! Available for pickup Friday morning at my table in the dealer's den. Email me ( to claim one!

( )

#drawings today and yesterday! My idea for the “cold water spirits” is literally haunted seawater, the vengeful ghost pirates try to drown victims! Some YouTube stuff has me thinking more about fantasy scenics, and I still haven’t entirely figured out how to draw anthros!

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