The next episode of my podcast What Mad Universe?!? (which will be up on my Patreon this Monday, and available to the public the following Monday) is on the Silver John series by Manly Wade Wellman, so I thought I'd do some related art.

This is the Ugly Bird, from the first story, O Ugly Bird. It’s an ectoplasmic projection of the evil witch-man Mr. Onselm.


“First out I saw it was dark, heavy-winged, bigger than a buzzard. Then I saw the shiny gray-black of the body, like wet slate, and how it seemed to have feathers only on its wide wings. Then I made out the thin snaky neck, the bulgy head and long stork beak, the eyes set in front of its head—man-fashion in front, not to each side.

The feet that taloned onto the sack showed pink and smooth with five graspy toes.”

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