There's a surprisingly common detail in a lot of Medieval illuminated manuscripts of rabbits, often human-sized and bipedal, treathening cowering humans with brandished weapons. Here's an article on the phenomenon:…/killer-rabbi


Essentially, it seems to be a case of a joke that was really funny then, but doesn't really track now. The idea apparently was finding humour in the role-reversal, of humans being hunted by docile rabbits - who were seen as a cowardly species (the term Stickhare was an insult at the time that essentially just meant coward).

I thought it would be funny to take these old illustrations and extrapolate a Fantasy race from them, and I thought it would be even funnier to make it a "proud warrior race" in the vein of the Klingons from Star Trek. In my mind, they operate in a strict caste system where the majority are farmers and such but the upper class see themselves as noble warriors (like the Samurai in feudal Japan). They live in the Lands of Romance, a continent west of Terra Cognita.

And I called them Stickhares after the aforementioned insult (also a pun on them being hares* who brandish sticks).

*I'm aware that hares and rabbits are entirely different species. Don't @ me.

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