I had fun drawing a Conan-style Barbarian hero a while back, so I thought I'd do another. This is Grignr of Ecordia from Jim Theis' The Eye of Argon (1970), arguably one of the most incompetently written stories ever published.

I'm reading the Elric of Melniboné series by Michael Moorcock for an upcoming episode of What Mad Universe?!?, and I thought I'd draw the good old brooding albino anti-hero. I chose an Anime style because, frankly, he feels like an Anime character.

The next episode of my podcast What Mad Universe?!? (which will be up on my Patreon this Monday, and available to the public the following Monday) is on the Silver John series by Manly Wade Wellman, so I thought I'd do some related art.

This is the Ugly Bird, from the first story, O Ugly Bird. It’s an ectoplasmic projection of the evil witch-man Mr. Onselm.

Fearsome Crittober Day 31: The Joint Snake.

A snake that can break apart and then reassemble itself.

Note: While this is the last day of October, I still have two or three Fearsome Critters I wanted to draw, so I’ll be doing those over the next week as bonuses.

Fearsome Crittober Day 30: The Billdad.

An otter-sized creature with a beaver tail; long, kangaroo-like hind legs ending in webbed toes; short front legs; and a hawk’s beak. They whack fish with their powerful tails, stunning them before going in for the kill. The sound their tails make is similar to paddling, and they are often mistaken for canoers (and vice versa).

Fearsome Crittober Day 29: The Ball-Tailed Cat.

A large feline resembling a moutain lion in every respect save for its lengthy tail tipped with a bulbous mass used for striking prey. There are many variations, including the Dingmaul and the Silvercat - the latter of which has a weaponized spike on top of its bulbous tail-end.

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