The Apex Society #21 Page 7.

Back after a much needed break! I reached severe burnout there, but I should be good going forward. The new update schedule will be twice a week for the foreseeable future. It's be on Monday and Wednesday, Monday and Friday, or Wednesday and Friday, as it suits me.

Made a new banner for the webcomic hosting page. This is the uncropped version.

I also updated the old logo using techniques I learned from Youtube Photoshop tutorials.

Something that's bugged me for years: Two-Face's tie makes no sense. I guess it's a clip on, but I'd personally like to think more highly of Harvey Dent, quite frankly.

The Red Tiburón, one of the top Luchadores of the 20th century. In addition to his illustrious wrestling career spanning from the 1930s to the 1980s, he fought criminal masterminds, supernatural creatures, aliens, and other threats to Mexico and the world. He was also the mentor of the Australian superhero The Tasmanian Tiger.

Counter-Earth - Colossotter.

A Kaiju resembling a giant otter, the Colossotter is one of the most dangerous creatures on Counter-Earth. In addition to its size and strength, it can store water in its mouth and blast it out in highly destructive streams.

Counter-Earth - Bee-Wolves.

This is the Bee-Wolf, a predator animal common to the Great Forest of Verdissia. They were inspired by the name Beowulf, which literally translates to "bee wolf" (I believe a reference to a bear, ie. a wolf that likes honey).

The Apex Society #21 Page 3.

A new episode of my podcast is out! We discuss The Steam Man of the Prairies and the Edisonade subgenre it inspired. Clean cut boy-inventors using new-fangled technology to conquer the frontier for white--er, American interests. Yeah, that's the ticket.

A slight redesign of a character introduced way back in Apex Society #5: The Tasmanian Tiger, the Apex Society Universe's analogue for Wolverine.

Full writeup here:

The Apex Society #20 Page 25.

A new episode of my podcast is up. In this one, we discuss The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope, a swashbuckling adventure novel whose influence extends to the modern day, including whole episodes of Doctor Who and Futurama being directly lifted from it.

Check it out:

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