Orks/Orcs are first mentioned in Beowulf, but they also appear in the 16th Century epic poem Orlando Furioso. I haven't read the book yet, as it's very long (I will eventually, but time being what it is...), but I skimmed the sections on Orks. The first mention, from context, describes it as a sort of sea-monster.

The Nameless Ones, my name for creatures from The Nameless City (1921) by H.P. Lovecraft.

The Nameless City - The Nameless City of the story's title is an ancient ruin located somewhere in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and is older than any human civilization.

16th/17th century cryptids, both the Sea-Bishop (aka the Bishop Fish) and Sea-Monk (Monk Fish) were most likely misidentifications or exaggerations of real-life fish, but both were assigned supernatural properties as well. The Bishop-Fish, for example, was described as giving the Sign of the Cross to a group of human Bishops who then let him go out of pity.

The River-Beast (Besta do Rio) is a species of amphibious humanoids that live along the Amazon River. First discovered by scientists in the 1950s, they average from 6 feet to 6'5 in height, and are related to the Deep Ones (from the Lovecraft mythos).

Inspired by the Gillman from The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Here's preview of a page from an upcoming story in my webcomic The Apex Society that will feature Telessar - the aforementioned African city-state (which is a sort of proto-Wakanda, at least in theme).

Cyborg Jesus of Nazareth fighting Cyborg Siddhartha (The Buddha), a scene that takes place in 10 Billion Days and 100 Billion Nights - a 1967 Japanese scifi novel and the subject of a recent episode of What Mad Universe?!? I drew it in Anime style, because how could I not?

Listen to it here:

Haven't been doing art for What Mad Universe?!? episodes lately as I haven't had any free time, but now that Kaijune is over I'll be able to get back to things as usual (including comics).

Kaijune Finale.

To finish off the Kaijune Sōgoju series, I've designed 3 small robots based on giant robot characters from the Godzilla franchise.

Robo-Gojee - based on Mechagodzilla.

Falcon Red - based on Jet Jaguar.

M.A.U. (Mechanical Action Unit) - based on Moguera.

Astro Knight Mercury is a Japanese superhero created from the combination of a human host and an alien creature who resembles a shapeshifting mass of liquid metal.

Powers include supersonic flight, super strength, protective force fields, concentrated energy beams, bending spacetime around him to make himself grow to gigantic sizes, and the ability to open wormholes when in the vacuum of space.

This character is a take on Ultraman.

Kaijune Bonus: Aspidochelone.

Aspidochelone is a folkloric creature usually described as a giant turtle with an entire island on top of its shell. Weary travelers, thinking they can land safely, will inevitably be shaken off or downed when the creature submerges.

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