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The Apex Society #13 Page 10.

Among other cameos, this page features characters from the fun comedic Sword and Sorcery pastiche comic Lemuria, made by my friend and frequent collaborator Adam Prosser. Check out the first two issues here: and Adam tells me he's working on a third one.

I've been asked about whether or not there's an Apex Society version of the Joker. Old Nick (top) is a sadistic cult leader who's cross between the Bronze Age Joker and Charles Manson. Son of Nick (bottom) is a modern gang leader who's more than a little bit of a tryhard edgelord fanboy.

The ancient land of Hyperborea is on the cusp of invasion by the warlike continent of Meropis...but Hyperborea's once-mighty Barbarian-king Pex sits idly on his throne, wearied by years of politics and court intrigue. In desperation, his advisers concoct a plan to once more fill their tired king's heart with spirit and vigour.

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