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Also, check out the latest episode of my podcast, What Mad Universe?!? In this one, we discuss the raunchy and scatological 16th Century French tall tales Gargantua and Pantagruel by François Rabelais. These are considered some of the earliest examples of the novel, and they are absolutely filthy. Enjoy.

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The Apex Society #16 Page 10.

Man, I really biffed getting any pages done last week. Got a bunch of scripting for future issues though, so that's something.

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Aright. This free rental expires in two weeks. Might as well bite this bullet 'til it sparks.

Counter-Earth - Fuzbullo.

Rodent-like creatures from Clarion's forest moon of Ulbar, Fuzbullos have a parrot-like talent for mimicking speech. They were once very populous, but in the late 90s most of them were taken from their home to be sold to children as a fad pet under the name "Fuzbo". The majority died in captivity, and are now an endangered species on Ulbar.

Inspired by the Furby toys.

The Apex Society #16 Page 9.

Operating without a buffer at the moment is stressing me out (or, rather, adding to the stress of just living in the world right now). I think I'll reduce this comic to 2 updates a week until I can build up more unposted pages.

Anyway. On Monday, we released a new episode of my podcast What Mad Universe?!? This one was about James Branch Cabell's satirical 1919 Fantasy novel Jurgen, A Comedy of Justice. Really good book, and I think we had an interesting discussion about it, so check it out here: 

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The Apex Society #16 Page 7.

Ugh. Sorry for missing another day. I'm still running late despite not having been out of the apartment in quite a while. Not sure how I'm managing that.

Redesign of the Public Domain Golden Age comics book character The Sorceress of Zoom, from the feature of the same name created by Don Rico under the pen name Sandra Swift.

Read the full writeup here:

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