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ableism, transphobia 

In her paper Rowling also claimed that autistic people are “disproportionately represented” in the percent of trans men who transition.

If you don’t know, it’s a common held belief that autistic trans people can’t understand themselves well enough to decide they’re trans. Some institutions will deny people diagnosed with autism the right to transition at all.

We are not children, we have autonomy, and we are important

The fight against ableism is an important one and I feel a lot of people don’t take it nearly as seriously as it should be taken. Ableism against autistic people has real consequences

Kaijune 2020.4.

Olympo, a Sōgoju based on Titano from DC Comics.

Descendants of a Conking who was mutated by radiation from a green glowing mineral of unknown but presumably extraterrestrial origins.

Kaijune 2020.3.

Gadzooks, a Sōgoju based on Godzooky.

A flea-sized flying lizard that functions as a Sōgoju for other Sōgoju, usually Gojees.

Kaijune 2020.1.

Gryph-Griff, a Sōgoju based on two Kaiju: The Griffon, a giant lion with bird wings on its back and talons for feet from the 1969 Toho film Latitude Zero; and The Gryphon, a more monstrous, bat-winged creature that was designed as an enemy for Godzilla to fight in concepts for an unmade 1996 American movie.

Also announcing here that I'm taking a break for 2 weeks to catch up on things. I'll be back with #17 on Monday, June 8. See you.

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The Apex Society #17 Cover.…
I forgot to plug the new What Mad Universe?!? last update. This episode, we took a look at Splinter of the Mind's Eye, the first original Star Wars novel, with a broader look at the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Saw a meme going around to redraw this particular panel of Popeye the Sailor Man. So I did it.

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