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She was a seamstress who became a vampire when a cat jumped over her grave, and is described as being beautiful, with purple eyes and sharp, white teeth.

The story is set during the time of King Arthur, but she doesn't die in it (she and Jurgen part amicably after a brief marriage), so I brought her fashion sense into the modern day (or rather when the comic is set). Her dress in the book is orange with green fig leaf embroidery, so I'd be continuing with that colour scheme and floral designs.

Feeling better today than yesterday (no headache and I got better sleep than I have in a while) but I'm still not 100%, so more sketches today.

This is my design for Florimel, a vampire from James Branch Cabell's's satirical novel Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice. When Jurgen is sentenced to go to "the Hell of his fathers," he meets a nice vampire woman who was vacationing there. She brutally murders men, as is her nature, but she's perfectly pleasant the rest of the time.

Not feeling great this week so far, energy-wise, so I'm doing more character designs for future stories instead of a new page today. Sorry.

Here is the sorcerer Count Magnus and his Familiar from the M.R. James short story Count Magnus.

And a redesign of The Mechanical Man from the mostly lost Italian silent film of the same name.

The bat wing costume is based on a ballet performance from an early episode of the serial. Commonly mistaken as one worn by Irma Vep, it's actually another character entirely. That said, it was too cool an image to not use/update.

This Irma being of Asian decent is inspired by the French film Irma Vep, which is a story of the making of a fictional Les Vampires remake starring an Asian woman who couldn't speak French. Haven't seen it, but I hear it's good.

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And designs for a new character to be introduced in the next story: Joséphine Wong, the latest in the legacy of Irma Vep (the original being the character from the silent film serial Les Vampires). I based her face on actress Bérénice Marlohe.

I haven't plugged my podcast here in a while. We're now part of the Greenlit Podcast Network, home of Apocrypals, War Rocket Ajax and others, so that's cool.

Latest episodes are on Olaf Stapledon's Last and First Men, which deals with the next 2 billion years of human evolution:

And one on the Star Trek tie-in novel The Final Reflection, which deals with Klingon culture, with a wider look at Star Trek fandom and continuity over the decades:

In the meantime, you can listen to all our past episodes here:

There are also early and extended eps (including our epic 1:45 minute Star Trek discussion, of which an edited down version will be available next Monday) on either of our Patreons:

Mine -

Adam's -

Thanks for the support, everybody!

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My podcast, What Mad Universe?!? is joining the Greenlit Podcast Network; home of War Rocket Ajax, Apocrypals, and others! No real changes to the format, other than us having ads now (sorry, but it will help us a lot).

Here's some new art we did for it. My co-host Adam Prosser penciled it and I digitally coloured it (I was going for a painted Frank Frazetta style).

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