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The Apex Society #18 Page 16.

I always liked the idea of Molemen as a pulp concept, but there weren't a lot of Public Domain takes on it that I cared for (There was one I came across by Charles Diffen, but I find his work incredibly boring and I didn't even bother to read it). Instead, I decided to make my own race of Mole-Folk based on the features of star-nosed moles and naked mole rats.

Designs for Alan Augustine and Grant Magus, rival sorcerers in the Apex Society Universe.

The Apex Society #18 Page 7.

A new episode of my podcast is up. In this one, we discuss the *other* novel from Phantom of the Opera writer Gaston Leroux about a creepy Incel stalking a woman named Christine. This one has a killer cyborg and a vampire cult. It's weird, people.

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