gg actually stands for good girl, which is why gamers say it so much, cuz we need the validation

Call it a rebellion against nihilism and the universe itself-- life Itself is absurd, we are absurd, this whole scenario is absurd, and we are charged with making sure that that absurdity never stops. Life itself is its own meaning, meaning enough that "why" is made irrelevant. Why? Why not!? Hell, if there wasn't life, you wouldn't be asking why at all would you? Isn't THAT reason enough? Isn't THIS all enough?

Yes it is. The cosmos is worth being experienced. Life itself is worthwhile.

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Hey I have not been on in a long time. Do people see my posts? Leave a comment saying “hey” or something like that.

I kind of forgot about my social media accounts.

Jair Bolsonaro is now president of Brazil. Yikes!

Weird things straight people think about being gay 

I'm bi and was hanging out with some of my lesbian friends. We over heard a guy behind us say "My cousin said she was lesbian for the longest time but ended up marrying a man, so I guess she was more of a political lesbian?"


About a week ago I had a random thought at 3:00am wondering if Nickelodeon slime is someones fetish. Guess I know the answer now.

What is with this slime thing going around atm?

Mastodon really makes me wish I spoke more languages so I could have conversations with more of these rad people from other countries.

So if YouTube is down does that mean something else can replace it?🤔

Do think this website would be a good place to host an ARG or web series? What benefits and draw backs would it have compared to other social media?

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