Just saw that Ion Maiden had to have its name changed to Ion Fury (which is sad, but...yeah, that was never going to fly) and that it's already out!


Guess I'll have to log a little time this weekend if'n I can.

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Lots of great, succinct information in this thread for cis folks to learn, questioning folks to consider, closeted folks to feel seen by, and out folks to remember and share.

It took me 7 years from the 1st time I questioned my gender until I understood what I was experiencing. twitter.com/NightlingBug/statu

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Went a little abstract today. Sale? Auction? Making the trip to with me?
Share it around so I know who might be interested.

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People really loved Blades, but personally my favorite was the NXE. The last two would have been fine if the performance hadn't tanked so hard. PS3 suffered from the same thing, the PS Store performance when they trued up the design to match the PS4's was atrocious.

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Xbox360 dashboards

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Also? The other part of it that needs to be recognized from the jump: Ally isn't something you call yourself. If you do the work, and you become someone who is an ally, they will call you that. Feel free to take pride in the praise, but don't stop doing the work if that happens.

If there's one thing you need to internalize from the linked article if allyship is something you're interested in, it's in one line: Ally is a verb. It's not a title you attain, it's a thing that you do.

The rest of the thread is also rad, but I wanted/needed to say that.

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There's been a big round of White Dude Professional Musical Chairs in the Jewish communal world lately, topped by articles quoting other men on this & manels about the articles & etc.

Some asks for cis men who want to be allies.

1/x Thread.


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@MagicEsports@twitter.com @MagicOnline@twitter.com @MTG_Arena@twitter.com @wizards_magic@twitter.com @MagicJudges@twitter.com And if you got to the end of this thread, I have a request: I'd like you to RT this thread from the top and tag someone in the community you respect/love/think is awesome. I want to spread a little good juju today, so call it a social experiment for this tiny account. πŸ˜…

@MagicEsports@twitter.com My point is, over the last year, I've been in deeper than ever, and I feel like saying that there is no better time to be a mtg player than right now, and I want to give kudos not just to @MagicEsports@twitter.com but also @MagicOnline@twitter.com @MTG_Arena@twitter.com @wizards_magic@twitter.com and, of course, @MagicJudges@twitter.com.

@MagicEsports@twitter.com Modern is a mess like it feels it probably always is, but holy hell did MH1 knock it out of the park. Seriously one of the coolest sets I've ever fucking seen, and it's impacting every format it touches. Yeah, Hogaak is busted, but that's delve for you.

@MagicEsports@twitter.com EDH players will always bemoan why the $40 precons aren't full of $50 reprints, but the C18 Windgrace deck got me back to the LGS, and the C19 set all looks like bangers.


@MagicEsports@twitter.com Arena has brought tons of new eyeballs to the game, but that would not have meant anything if the sets that have come out in the last years hadn't all been back to back bangers. I got back into DOM, skipped M19, and have been in deep ever since GRN. R&D needs all the kudos.

@MagicEsports@twitter.com I know this is the sort of communication that really does take a long time to properly put together, and I'm hoping that this is the start of a great new era for OP and that the competitive scene feels cared for the same way some of the other scenes have.

One of the biggest pain points from what I've seen in the corner of this hellsite (well, everywhere) is the lack of communication regarding Organized Play.

I'm not a grinder in the least, but it's really good to see @MagicEsports@twitter.com come out firing on all cylinders today.

Me: *draws a hand of 3 plains and 4 black cards*

Wow, this is the greediest keep 7.

*Clicks keep 7, gets a swamp after 4 turns, plays one creature that immediately dies, concede*


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The country is in peril as President Michael Wilson defends the nation against a full-scale rebellion led by Vice-President Richard Hawk and the mechanized legions he commands.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD from @devolverdigital@twitter.com is available now on Xbox One: microsoft.com/p/metal-wolf-cha

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I've occasionally thought about collecting basics, and this thread hasn't really helped dissuade me from the notion.

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Alright Twitter. I need 6 basic plains for Richmond. What's the best art? and if you say Guru I'm going to ignore you.

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Hey @scryfall@twitter.com I know it's a long shot, but what's an EDH loving magic player like myself gotta do to get hooked up with an account to test the deck builder? @seraph_six@twitter.com gave me the idea to tweet at you guys and abandon Archidekt forever. 🀣

Back home from my big bro's wedding. On one hand, sad to head home and get back to the daily grind, on the other hand HOLY SHIT I HAVE CELL SIGNAL AGAIN

Since it's almost for really real time for football season to start back up, I have the following things to reiterate, as a current Panthers fan and former Redskins fan:

1) Skins will never be good while Snyder owns the team
2) Fuck the Cowboys
3) Fuck the Pats

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