is so much fun to play as of late, really like getting back into it, but my slight ocd tendencies prevent me from enjoying it somehow.

Finally felt validated while being at a meeting on + groups. One lgbt jewish woman mentioned . And we chatted for a bit, felt heard and cared for, though our conversation was short.

I attended a event, won a price. Afterwards got scolded for not giving the price to someone else, even though one of the organizers of this event motivated me to keep it. They also said I bothered a friend of mine by talking with her. My heart breaks with this stuff. People never communicate clearly with people

feeling absolutely like hell, i cannot take all this pain in the world. I am safe but feeling horrible

I really miss the interaction I had on twitter but I hope I can get some followers and people to chat with on here. What are you all doing?

What do I do about the multiverse of madness in my head though?

It's Monday but I'm mentally prepared for another Sunday.

Being abused, taken advantage of, belittled, gaslighted and bullied. I cannot go on like this

Dubbed anime is frankly quite disturbing to watch.

@feditips hi, i am still seeing posts from people writing in languages I do not speak or understand after changing the settings

Finally got through the second day of playing , it was quite rough because I like to play with 3 rules: 1. No (accidentally) killing of innocents, 2. No saving unless around 11 pm - 2 am. 3. Drive carefully unless there is a strong motivator to break the rules.

Is there someone you follow on here and you enjoy their posts but you don't want to see their boosts?

Do you wish you could hide their boosts but still see their posts?

You can do this on Mastodon:

1. Log in through the website

2. Go to the profile of the person whose boosts you want to mute

3. Click "..."

4. Select "Hide boosts from..."

If you want to see their boosts again, just do the same thing but select "Show boosts from..."

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Boosts

is such a cool anime, it might not be perfect (in fact, on gogoanime and maybe other places the subtitles disappear completely at some points and at the 'in the next episode segments), but it still remains a classic bitter war story with brave couriers and a pretty engaging story.

confession, always thought it was something more like a pickle in the hole of a bagel or something like that.

image description: screenshot of reddit sub reddit r/morrowind. It shows two posts with cliffracers, a flying pre historic creature. The first image has several tens of cliffracers fly in formation. A caption states: Started Morrowind for the first time recently, I hate Cliff Racers...
The other picture shows just one cliff racerwith a caption stating 'started morrowidn i dont get the cliff racer hate'

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