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"Everything is going to be OK"
💕 an interactive zine meets desktop labyrinth of vignettes, poetry, strange fever dream games, and broken digital spaces. 💕

🔥 itch alienmelon.itch.io/everything-
🔥 GJ gamejolt.com/games/ok/263066

(the update is out now! new missing pages added)

Today I learned about the prestigious DRAGON awards for magicians

If you hover your mouse over the links on this page, the dragon in the page header breathes fire dragonaward.org/links.html mastodon.social/media/j6fj9ZfW

The drug number Show more

showing 200+ bitsy games at egx rezzed in london as part of the leftfield collection!!
#bitsy #gamedev

Lately at work we have been talking about integrating with a product called Sycle
And I have been getting music tracker flashbacks mastodon.social/media/Ll9M08rJ

Don't shitpost to the all-company Slack
Don't shitpost to the all-company Slack
Don't shitpost to the all-company Slack
Don't shitpost to the all-company Slack

The Case Of The Missing Channel: The cable channel Genesis StoryTime aired in numerous homes in the U.S. and Canada. Yet few records of it exist online. Here's our attempt to fix that.


This Saturday at 8:30PM there's a talk between @SpindleyQ and Mattie Brice as part of the currently-running Glorious Trainwrecks X Babycastles exhibition.

If you're near New York City and into amateur game making it's probably very worth checking out.

Hey! Are you in New York? Are weird/fringe games your thing? Babycastles has a Glorious Trainwrecks exhibition starting tomorrow:


Three of my games will be there:

- KnP Tetris: The Grandmaster 4: Laughing Instinct
- Burp Forever
- Nano Dragon 100

It will also feature four Knytt Stories levels that I made or contributed to. Check out the other games too!

Poster by @mno

I was a guest on @SpindleyQ's Fringe Games podcast, talking about robotfindskitten, BBS door games, and interactive fiction: fringe.games/episodes/ep5-leon

Classically Trained
[picture of the fucking awful ColecoVision controllers and the smurf from Smurf Rescue bumping into a step and dying]

Those gamer NES “classically trained” t-shirts, but with Skunny Save Our Pizzas

I keep looking up my coworkers on twitter and they never shitpost and I’m like what are you even on twitter for

We had a Video Toaster in my high school AV Club. It had one of my favorite video editing transitions: the "silhouette of a group of people having a dance party from one end of the screen to another" wipe. mellified.men/media/ek6SQZUE-K

Ok I started poking around the yakyak forums and no one seems to have any concrete advice except for trying to trigger what I can only assume is a bug in the booster placement SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT youtu.be/_IENf2DwFig

I love Polybius, but the jumping mechanic is kind of a fucking bummer imo
Every time I play now I’m pretty much just dreading the bit where Jeff Minter is gonna slam me into walls until I die because I didn’t happen to randomly wander over to the underside of a tube at the right time to see the jump block fall
Feels like I must be missing something - there must be a way to read the level! - but I dunno what