@SpindleyQ More importantly, do people (other than me) pronounce it "Juarez" just to be ornery?

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I’ve been playing Altered Destiny (very pretty, world is occasionally interesting, misery to actually play) and today I looked up the designer on Wikipedia and he’s an Infocom alum that went on to work on... Bubsy 3D?? (This screenshot shows about half his gameography) mastodon.social/media/r2JKRWzs

I’m looking at raising money for a community dump of a rare Mac game, please DM me if you’re interested in contributing.

There is a book on the history of shareware being crowdfunded right now: unbound.com/books/shareware-he
I don't love the perspective of "Shareware was important because it shook up the industry" that shows up in the pitch video, but quite frankly I'm not aware of any other project besides my own podcast that takes shareware history seriously at all, so I'm backing it

argh I wrote a long toot and then a continuation of that long toot as a reply but then the reply wouldn't post and my original toot disappeared?

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There's a new fringe.games podcast episode with Shawn Hargreaves about the Allegro game programming library and the community that sprung up around it in the late 90s! Also, games about killing Barney the dinosaur, and just a touch of XBLIG.

Got a piece of junk mail that's trying to trick me into signing up for life insurance or something. I don't know what they're selling me because they don't actually provide any details, just a vaguely official-government-looking form with bulleted lists like this: mastodon.social/media/rF1kqSID

I'm co-curating this crazy show happening tomorrow and working on install as we speak!! WHAT UP withfriends.co/event/545693/pi

If you work on the fringe of videogames or just generally do stuff a little out there, stretch what videogames are and can be - anything like that - please consider submitting your work to The Leftfield Collection.

It's one of the most accepting corners of videogames, you don't have to turn up yourself so if money is an issue, there's still a chance to show. It does get a lot of submissions now so obviously there's no promises but you know.


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