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It's Glorious Trainwrecks Sekret Santa time!!!

New people always welcomed!!!

The deal is: you make a list of things you might like in a game, then someone'll make you something, and you'll make someone something, and all the games are great and beautiful.


"I wonder if a computer can ever be programmed to enjoy something as simple and beautiful as this!" aaand credits

dead floppy disk guy is now floating in the sky telling riddles

"open the door... the door! of course!" yep the answer to this murder is in the inexplicably locked door in the game

floppy disk guy is the one who got murdered, of course

"I was wondering what a celebrity like you was doing in the valley of the Klingons"

"He was totally 'noid about them! ... Uh, paranoid." Yes, this is definitely real slang, fellow kids

dude has the only copy of the source code on a floppy disk that he carries on his person

"If you had Lindstrom's source codes..."

"I took the liberty of hacking into the FBI mainframe"

"Video game" means pixels, a HUD that has points, and says "Player 1" even when there's clearly only one player, it's a murder mystery adventure game

500 points for snacking on the hors d'oeuvre tray

Angela Lansbury appears to have gotten 2500 points for letting an old man kiss her hand

Old man in bowtie harumphs about videogames