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Spindley Q Frog @SpindleyQ@mastodon.social

@WAHa_06x36 hey, the newest Toot! TestFlight is crashing on startup for me. Do you need me to get logs to you, or do you have an automated crash reporting system?

is it weird that I tracked down the composer's soundcloud, because, I have definitely tracked down the composer's soundcloud

OK, well, the main thing I wanted was The Allegro Demo and that built successfully
This music brings back SO much nostalgia, holy shiiiiiiiit

damn you streambuf.h and your nine letters

oh god the earliest djgpp I can find needs long filename support to build C++, which stock dosbox does not support

current status: attempting to compile Allegro 2.2 from source in DOSBox
I think I may need an older version of DJGPP :/

@PsySal I am reading old Allegro docs / pages for podcast research, and someone with your name popped up as a minor early contributor! Is it you?

aaaah he got back to me and he's in
*checks notes*
*literally one question written down*
I've... got a lot of interview prep to do

Finally worked up the nerve to send my first cold interview request for the Fringe Game History Podcast

My newest game is going to be "Terrible Lectures" a game about attending terrible lectures

Annoyed that there's no longplay videos of Pickle Wars on the internet, so I'm streaming it twitch.tv/spindleyq

TOOTS this series of TOOTS I’m so embarrassed

This series of tweets brought to you by the Linux NVIDIA graphics drivers intermittently deciding that my laptop’s VGA port was my primary display, locking me out of my desktop
Also every job I’ve ever worked save mayyybe one

There’s this myth that if you use the right techniques and think hard enough and your code is elegant enough then you will build something perfect with no problems
And that blinds people to thinking about what they might be able to do to mitigate and understand problems when they inevitably surface
There’s just maybe a log file somewhere, dig through that and see if it tells you anything

By this I mean, there’s so much discourse around the best way to prevent bugs, and virtually none around building a system that will tell you that something went wrong and where the problem might be

The hardest problem in computer science is troubleshooting

anyway, bring back the bullshit graphic adventure, it's fun to make maps of mazes

Rodney's Wonder Window is infinitely more interesting than Rodney's Funscreen, if you want to poke around at his earlier, non-Parappa stuff
(CW: a somewhat-uncomfortable documentary-style animation about the "mating habits" of a cartoon doodle)

Also important to note: it is CANON that Rodney Greenblat, and therefore Parappa the Rapper, exists in the Zork universe youtu.be/JUugOCP_dHY?t=2m9s
(Rodney's Funcereal is riffing on the Activision game "Rodney's Funscreen", which was a weird vaguely-edutainment-y Rodney Greenblat-designed computer game for young kids: youtu.be/kjXk0m0Aiv4?t=26s )

There are occasional navigational issues where it is totally unclear that an exit even exists, but largely each screen is unique enough and has enough of its own personality that it's very difficult to get lost in the non-maze parts, which is something many 3D first-person adventures - even much newer ones - are _really_ bad at