Five HUNDRED megabytes of storage capacity
Not bad for an evening’s work

I guess I couldn’t boot from the hard drive originally because no one ever bothered to make it bootable? Amazing that Win3.1 can run on top of DOS 3.3 in ROM imo

Hmm, decided to install vanilla MSDOS 6.0 and it saw my CF card, formatted it, and is now installing
Now if only I could get my BIOS to boot it

Huh, colour me impressed - installer booted up anyway and is maybe explaining just why DOS isn’t recognizing the drive

Yeaaahh the DOS in ROM just straight up does not see this drive :/
FreeDOS install attempt #1 is... not looking promising.

My 286’s BIOS appears to have successfully formatted my 512mb CompactFlash card! I was able to grab its geometry using fdisk on my Linux laptop.
Still not sure if I should attempt FreeDOS or just stick with the weird DOS 3.3 variant that’s in ROM. I literally have never gotten this thing to boot from a disk.

I appear to have successfully connected my MS-DOS 286 to the internet
Unfortunately the hard drive in this thing is seriously starting to give out, so I'm having to run everything from a floppy. Will have to see about replacing with CompactFlash or something.

When I was a teenager I managed to take home a couple of extra network cards from my high school's box of unused computer junk and set up a two-machine 10base2 LAN over coaxial cable. I had a few multiplayer DOS games that worked on that setup; I remember playing a lot of Wacky Wheels, and some freeware Bomberman clone?

Which is to say, I have some familiarity with pre-10baseT ethernet. Fun to learn more stuff!

I just thought to google "StarLAN", as I'd never heard of it. Apparently it was the first attempt at running ethernet over what you might now consider an "ethernet cable". The wire protocol eventually evolved into something that modern routers are backwards compatible with, but it's not immediately clear that mine is. Hmmmmmmm :thinkhappy:

Bought an ISA network card at a thrift store for my 286, and based on the fact that it read the MAC address correctly I think I found the right drivers for it, but something is terribly amiss here

I don't know, it's just, seeing that side of a person being openly valued in the middle of a rock concert, for some reason, it hit me

Most powerful moment of the night for me was suddenly realizing, during Why Does The Sun Shine, that the entire venue was SILENT as John Linnell awkwardly mumbled his way through the adlibbed bits
Like, this is a treasured part of their live show which they have done for well over 20 years
Just, like, this fucking dork who's been doing this for decades, still doesn't really know what to say, is basically incomprehensible and holding up the rest of the song, and everyone is HERE FOR IT

I'm at a TMBG show and they played Museum of Idiots and just watching Linnell play those fucking chords on his accordion, fuck
I love that song so much

Ok I listened to an episode and a half of Clash of the Type-Ins on the drive home from work and it seems pretty good

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