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Spindley Q Frog @SpindleyQ@mastodon.social

I keep around the Seiklus soundtrack because it's wonderful, but every time I listen to it I end up thinking of Johnny's Odyssey and its super haunting melancholy music remix64.com/track/richard-west

Oh shit I never play the PC version of space giraffe because the added ugly power-meter HUD is a sin but apparently it has the full uncut "Cube Is Not For Yiffing" level so now I'm torn

Space Quest 4 is definitely the most blatantly misogynist Space Quest, argh

I don't regret quitting when I did, but I think about my time at Intentional Software more than any other job I've ever had

I found a website on the ground

Hi folks, i just got laid off from my job. I'm a game developer looking for work.

I've worked in Engineering, Design, and QA, at multiple high profile seattle studios on many popular games. i have the skills and experience to match

If you know of anything please get in contact, if not feel free to boost

Portfolio: unicodeunicorn.com/


I am irresistibly drawn to styrofoam heads and I don't understand why

Twin Peaks Show more

Also, I'm clearly gonna have to try to get one or both of them onto fringe.games to talk about writing four books worth of cheesy BASIC games for kids to type in

Update: author #1 got back to me immediately, but has no recollection of even whether he wrote it, and no idea who the mysterious Jeskler might be. I'll have to track down his co-author.

Fun story I learned: those books were never sold in the US because the warehouse burned down right after they were printed but before they were sent to any stores.

writing an email to the author now because I am a Historian and I need First-Hand Answers

who was this "Jeskler"
why did they love prunes so much
we must get to the bottom of this

I've been programming for 30 years but I still have yet to fully wrap my head around the mysteries of these beautiful, elegant two lines of code I encountered as a child:



@SpindleyQ my username / password OTP is AzureDiamond / hunter2

I'm working with two-factor authentication stuff at work and all the libraries and stuff talk about "one-time passwords" or "otp"

And my mind just constantly reads it as "one true pairing"

I have this same problem with Erlang's "Open Telecom Platform"

At least "username / password OTP" makes a kind of sense