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@theoutrider the second one, afaik
Also, better hope you're looking in the right region
(There might be something in billing? Never really had access to that)

Hey anyone out there in Mastodon land know anyone at Doublefine I can get in touch with?

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Just realized Weird Al did an accordion rendition of Walking On The Sun, and started wondering how the world would be different right now if he'd waited to immortalize Smash Mouth in polka form until All Star came out

@hellojed probably? Company seems to be growing. It's my second day

I haven't even done anything at work but read documents, but, like, I feel like the documents might actually MEAN SOMETHING and this is VERY NOVEL to me

Me out of university: ugh I'd never want to work at a big company full of bureaucracy and process
Me at 35, working for a company making medical software, with formal processes in place for HIPAA compliance to ensure everyone is clear about what is being done and why and that everything works as designed: THIS RUUUUUULESSSS

Starting a new job today
It's, like, a real company
So weird
I've been in weird small company bubbles for way too long

At a Canada Day party playing a goofy Mario Kart Wii romhack
This is a pretty good Canada Day party

At a Canada Day party. A 10-year-old boy just rated all of the episodes of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared from least to most creepy

@candle there's some neural network that's very proud of itself for inconveniencing me

That was me, Google. I was just trying to login in an incognito window and I mistyped my password once. You also texted my phone rather than using my existing 2fa, and I passed that test, but then you tried to force a password reset so I gave up and closed the window.


@candle like the official video? No, I should look it up

I ought to know more about noise weirdos from the 60s

Bought this record at a thrift store pretty much 'cause it said "vocoder" and "Johm Cage" on it, and unsurprisingly it rules youtu.be/zV0PMhAerpQ

@candle oh shit that's who it is? I've actually seen the Trent Reznor = Montana joke elsewhere but then immediately forgot what invitation to love actually looked like. Subconscious joke thievery