@theoutrider what........ is your new avatar?

not that I'm complaining, let me be clear

I have held onto this save file in countless moves, across the country and back. I got married twice in the time it's taken me to play through this game. Now, as it's finally time to bring the story to a close... I can't find disc 4. All my other Dreamcast discs are accounted for except Shenmue II, disc 4. I have gone through every CD binder, every spindle of discs I can find, and I have quite a lot. Nothing.

Disc 4 is a long, quiet hike through the mountains. I'm savouring it. Playing this way seems right somehow. I used to joke that I was waiting for Shenmue III to come out, but now it's actually coming out, soon, so it seems high time to finish it.

I have what I think of as an ongoing Shenmue II save on my Dreamcast that dates back easily 15 years. Years will go by between starting it up and playing for an hour or so. According to the (clearly dubious) timestamps on my save files, the last time I played was seven years ago, and I played for a little more than a day of in-game time.

@tootapp soo Toot! somehow got itself into a state where it forgot all the servers I had logged into, so I logged in again. Now I’m getting duplicate notifications for every mention / fav / boost. Any way you can think of to clean that up without just deleting / reinstalling?

So I have a hacked 3com Audrey and its browser dies and needs to have its backend manually restarted whenever it encounters modern https

but as long as you don’t hit that landmine it can access gopherspace just fine

a frustrating thing about getting old computers onto the internet is that most of the internet doesn't work with old computers anymore

someone write a search engine that spiders the archive.org wayback machine and works over non-encrypted http please

I found it, I found the exact moment when graphic design peaked

While I was at it I also scanned and uploaded Multimedia Differential Equations, which I think in the end is mostly multiple choice quizzes instead of anything that might use the power of a computer to help you get an intuitive sense of complex systems archive.org/details/multimedia

OK, it's up. I wish my scanner was big enough to scan the box (which proudly proclaims that "This packaging was designed and created using award-winning Corel graphics software") but it's better than nothin'. archive.org/details/corel_gall

Apparently there's already a copy of a later revision of Corel Gallery featuring 1.3 million images and 16 CDs but I'm 13 discs into ripping so there's no stopping now archive.org/details/CorelGALLE

I think today might be the day that I put 14 CD-ROMs worth of terrible clipart onto the Internet Archive

Case went back on easy at least. Will get a new battery tomorrow. 🤞

Finally got the case off without further damage, and was able to test the power supply fuse. It's fine. Next step: test a battery that was easily accessible before. It's clearly dead. Fought with that case for nothing. :P

Bought an iMac G3 at a thrift store for $15! Got excited to load weird MacOS 8 CD-ROMs and shareware on it. Brought it home and it doesn't power on.

Found some very detailed troubleshooting instructions, took my multimeter to a couple of spots, and now I need to test a fuse on the power supply.

This requires taking the case completely off.

I do not recommend getting yourself into this situation.

No Man’s Sky PSVR, long 

No Man’s Sky PSVR, long 

Alfonzo's Bowling Challenge is a very good video game that you can play in your browser and finish in about five minutes.


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