Anyone happen to know of a way to upscale an arbitrary VGA signal to HDMI? Everything I can find just passes through 640x480 and up, and I 100% require PC textmode & 320x200 at minimum.

Alternatively, a capture card that can take such input directly would also be great, but I suspect that has even less chance of existing.

@SpindleyQ There are some, but I don't have one. What I use is a VGA240 utility, that forces VGA into a 320x240 60 Hz mode that most capture cards can actually handle.

@SpindleyQ My capture device USB3HDCAP can actually handle the 70Hz signal as is, but it comes out a bit messed up in the end

@dosnostalgic Holy shit, thank you! I was sure I'd just wasted my money on a cheap converter.

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