I wonder when I became the kind of person for whom Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book became exciting and fun to read, instead of being daunting and terrifying

I have successfully loaded tiles from a TIF file that I drew in NeoPaint, converted them internally into EGA planar format, and drawn them to the screen. mastodon.social/media/Yg3wSvnV

@SpindleyQ if yer gonna scroll that shit the trick is getting the framebuffer memory to be one tile-size larger in all directions so you can utilize the EGA's built in hardware scrolling support. that thing also destroyed me as a teenager. i had to write down register maps from the EGA/VGA Programmer's Reference book in the bookstore cuz i couldnt afford the damn book.


@dildog yep, that's what I ultimately did! I spent a while trying to figure out if there was some trick that would mean I didn't have to redraw the whole screen once I hit the edge, like the NES mirroring, but the closest I came was not redrawing tiles that didn't change

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