When people post videos of old games with PC Speaker music the sound is usually coming directly from emulation and sounds very harsh and garish.

This is actually different from how it used to be as this process ignores the environment the sound came from: A magnetically driven speaker internally attached to the metal case, creating a resonance that gave the pure 'beep' sounds more body and texture.

If you'd like to hear what it actually sounded like, this video got it right: youtube.com/watch?v=tUy1MEpqbv

Compare with practically any DOSBox video that doesn't have this resonance: youtube.com/watch?v=1IOL4q5tDD

I wonder if it's possible to apply this effect to the soundtrack using free tools like Audacity?

🔈 :blobthinking:

@polychrome I forget exactly, but I'm pretty sure that there's some PC Speaker emulation, either software or hardware, out there that I read about a month ago

@68kmentat I'd be very interested if you remember it at some point :blobcat:


@polychrome @68kmentat plogue.com/products/chipcrushe is a lovely (if not particularly cheap) VST effect that, among other things, emulates various speaker housings & PC background noises

@polychrome @68kmentat OMG I love that running drums through a Speak & Spell turns it into robot beatboxing

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