I think today might be the day that I put 14 CD-ROMs worth of terrible clipart onto the Internet Archive

Apparently there's already a copy of a later revision of Corel Gallery featuring 1.3 million images and 16 CDs but I'm 13 discs into ripping so there's no stopping now archive.org/details/CorelGALLE

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OK, it's up. I wish my scanner was big enough to scan the box (which proudly proclaims that "This packaging was designed and created using award-winning Corel graphics software") but it's better than nothin'. archive.org/details/corel_gall

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While I was at it I also scanned and uploaded Multimedia Differential Equations, which I think in the end is mostly multiple choice quizzes instead of anything that might use the power of a computer to help you get an intuitive sense of complex systems archive.org/details/multimedia

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@SpindleyQ Does the documentation have any licensing info or is this yet another "pile of gifs we found on the internet" collection?

@mogwai_poet I'm pretty sure it's legit? I'll double check when I get home. There's maybe some very early web stuff but as far as I can tell the vast majority is vector art for desktop publishing (possibly made with Corel Draw?)

@68km I was literally just cleaning out the basement, came across it, and was like "well I can put ImgBurn into batch mode while I tidy up", and now I have a pile of discs and boxes that have been imaged
I do wish I had a scanning workflow that was as streamlined, though!

@SpindleyQ scanning is tough. When I wanted to archive for a different site, which has stricter archival guidelines, I was going to buy a $300 scanner just for hobby-scanning edutainment boxes.

I have around 100+ CDs that I've collected and a good number are definitely not on the IA :)

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