lite is a reasonably nice programmer's text editor written in Lua.

Last night I decided it might be fun to try to port it to love2d. Today it mostly works? It's bogging down sometimes for reasons I don't understand, some (but not all!) of the icon glyphs aren't showing up correctly. But it can edit itself!

I'm thinking it might be interesting for livecoding? Maybe writing custom editors? But mostly I looked at it and the surface of native function calls was small enough and matched love2d closely enough that I could basically replace it with <250 lines of Lua that calls love2d primitives

Trying to think of another time in my life where running a program under a profiler magically fixed a performance problem. (Turns out: the profiler was regularly running the garbage collector, and my weird performance problem was caused by my code unnecessarily generating huge amounts of garbage)

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I added hot code reload as a lite command, so now I can edit my editor without leaving my editor

and like.... I know emacs and smalltalk people are like "big deal" rn but why does programming not work like this everywhere

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