Current new toy is the $140 resin printer from Monoprice (rebadged Wanhao Duplicator 7). We've only ever had FDM printers before, so this is new to me. Decided to order some more colors of resin (it comes with gray) and... Monoprice is out of stock on most of it until December.

I guess a lot of us jumped on that cheap printer.

@gamehawk btw, you posting a link to that printer ended with me buying an Elegoo Mars that was in the same price ballpark once the exchange rate and shipping to Canada was factored in. I just printed my first pieces today! My son is very excited to make D&D miniatures and stuff. So, thanks for indirectly pushing me to take the plunge! :D

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@SpindleyQ Yay! I haven't actually printed anything on this critter, but we got it for D&D minis too (and maybe dice and resin-casting masters; we'll see).

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