OK so I just watched The Goose, and it was INCREDIBLE, and I want to TALK ABOUT IT, but the only way for others to see it and have any reference point for what I would say is I guess to bug the director on Facebook to make some more Blu-Rays?? That's how I got my copy. here's the trailer vimeo.com/249316437

here's an unrelated 5-minute short film that the same director was involved with vimeo.com/41741013

if you watch that, imagine that visual style, but feature length, and instead of being about cattle auctions and cowboys slapping each other, it's about how alienating it is to be a weirdo in small-town Manitoba

If you happen to have access to a Nova Scotia IP address you can watch The Goose for free tonight, which I heartily recommend watch.eventive.org/hiff/play/5

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