thinking of switching instances but I don't know where I'd go

@SpindleyQ i couldn't decide when my last instance closed so i just gave up. no general instances have urls i like :(

uh, my last personal account, not this one obvs.

you could also just make one. they seem like a pain to run, but mastohost is only 5€ a month if it's a small instance.

@blueberrysoft tbh I'd probably move to except I don't want to put any pressure on you to keep it up if you're getting tired of running it

I'm definitely tempted to self-host, but I wonder if there are noticable UX downsides to having a single-user instance. I don't really use the local / federated timelines but people occasionally find me through them

@SpindleyQ when i was on there definitely was that kinda ux downside. it was only mitigated by me having accounts other places.

don't worry about gm.s going anywhere! that was just me being in a bad mood and probably projecting my self-criticisms.

very good instance imo you should join. we already have the :knp_merl: emoji

@blueberrysoft well hot damn I can't say no to K&P wizards

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